Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Translator

One of the obvious perks of being a stay at home mom, is we get to see every moment of our children's development. It becomes particularly amusing and exciting when they begin to talk, We listen to them babble on all day long and learn their little phrase manipulations and hardily praise their abilities to tell us what they want.

Intern, it becomes comical when we find others aren't having such an easy time understanding our child. Especially those poor daddies who aren't there during the day to develop the talent of baby translating.

I had to chuckle the other night listening to an attempted conversation between my sweet Chet, and baby face Camden. While I was upstairs cleaning the office, they were downstairs wandering in the Kitchen.

" Dad, elp num num num mulk"

" What's up Champ?"

" num num mulk, elp"

" What do you need Buddy?"

"NAK, dad, Nak, mulk"

( This went on for quite some time, when I finally hear Chet say)

" I don't know what you're saying buddy, where's my translator, Honey! Nancy! where are you?"

I of course come to the rescue, and let him know that Camden would simply like HELP getting a SNACK, preferably some YUMMY MILK.

I haven't had a job outside of the home in 14 years. But if I needed to enter the work force tomorrow, I think I could safely add to my resume BABY TRANSLATOR.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Batman shaves his head

This is what happens when I am being ornery and don't want to cut my husbands spiky, slivery, wirey, sticky hair. He dawns Camden's Batman towel as a smock and cuts it himself.

Lookin good handsome! Maybe when you're finished, you could go into your bat cave and do a little cleaning. Poison ivy is taking the day off.

Oh! Robin wants to know if you're free for lunch.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SEW Storm

My incredibly thoughtful husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas this year. I am always saying that I want to learn how to sew better, but my old machine just didn't want to co-operate. The tension was always messing up, the foot pedal was finicky, and I could think of thousands of more excuses not to sit down and sew. Receiving a new sewing machine put an end to my grumbling and added a goal for my year. I would learn how to sew this year. I have rather enjoyed taking on this goal and below is proof that I'm not all talk, I've got some action happening too. Here is what I have accomplished in the month of January.
I had bought some rockin 80's fabric with the intent to make Chet some MC Hammer pants. Yes I know they are out of style! it was for an 80's party we were attending. But Chet would have none of that, and so the fabric sat. HMmmm! what to do, what to do? How about make some fun, funky bags for Alyssa. One for Church and one for school.( she informed me recently that no one wears back packs anymore, they all use shoulder bags. problem solved, now she has a shoulder bag too.)
We slowly have been decorating the house and fixing the kids rooms up. In that spirit, I sewed some curtains for Alyssa's room. This picture really doesn't do them credit. The colors are actually quite a bit nicer.

There was extra fabric from the curtains and so an apron for Alyssa was born. I could of ironed it before taking the pic, but oh well, At least you can see that she has been using it.

Peyton was feeling left out, so I made him an apron too. A bit more masculine, BBQ style. He chose the fabric.

Speaking of feeling left out! My poor Camden. The older kids got Bath Robes for Christmas. Camden was so upset that he couldn't cuddle up in one himself. So Voila! a home made robe was born.

And lastly. We were having an issue with hallway lights a night time. Peyton wanted it on, But Alyssa wanted it off and refused to close her door. Using a bit of ingenuity, an old Barbie sleeping bag, and some elastic. A sleeping mask was created, and all parties are now happy.