Friday, November 28, 2008

Bye, Bye, baby teeth

It finally happened. I knew the time would come when Peyton's adorable smile would contain holes. At approximately 8:00 this evening our brave boy stood quietly while I wrapped a Kleenex around that soon to be momentous milestone and gave it a gentle tug. I have to say that we were thoroughly impressed. Considering Peyton's long list of feared things, we naturally thought this would be one experience to add to that list. We were happily wrong. He had no problem. I said to him," Peyton, I'm afraid that tooth is so loose you're going to swallow it in your sleep. Would it be okay if we just pulled it out tonight." His response, a simple "okay".

Here is his first little pearly white. Maybe we should say pearly cream. I don't think he brushed his teeth today. Sorry mom and Auntie Amanda, (our family dental hygienists) it won't happen again.

Peyton decided that he would rather keep his first tooth, but he of course still wants the money from the Tooth Fairy. His solution, write a letter to the Tooth Fairy stating his demands. I'm sure she'll understand :)

Tooth and letter went safely into an old film canister and sat patiently on his bed waiting to be crushed by a pillow and very excited little head.

Peyton is snugly tucked into bed as we speak, dreaming about what he is going to do with all of that in coming money.

Extra, Extra

Extra, Extra, read all about it. Alyssa Bui shines as the VIP for Tobias 3rd grade.
Alyssa will have the honor this coming week to be the VIP for 3rd grade. This weekend she was sent home with a newspaper briefing. She spent hours filling in each article and caption with information about herself. Some of the info she chose to write, truly surprised and impressed me. I can see a budding journalist amongst her Witty and charming articles. I highly suggest you click on the picture to get an enlarged view of her writing. You won't regret it.
Alyssa has an unparalleled determination. Each project is completed in excess of what was required of her. I love to see the effort put forth in all her school work. Isn't it great when kids make it easy to be parents?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Handy Man Peyton

Peyton has become quite the little go getter. His expertise in LEGO building, BIONICLE assembly, and TRANSFORMER transformations, have turned him into a very talented problem solver. Yesterday I discovered these emerging talents spread further then I thought.
We hit the clearance isle at Fred Meyer and found a standing coat rack that is perfect for our garage door entrance. Upon bringing it home, Peyton boldly stated" Mom, I want to build it, you just relax." I was at first hesitant to allow a 6 year old access to my new find, but soon realized that he needed this independent time.
He carefully unwrapped the various parts and set them gently on the couch and then proceeded to unfold the instructions. He glanced at them for only a brief minute before declaring " These instructions are a breeze."
Then with lightning speed he whipped up that coat stand with no problems at all. What a sweet little handy man. I can't wait to see what he'll tackle next. I do need a shed built in the back yard!

The very
Handy man peyton by the finished project

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What once was old, is new again

I am not ashamed to admit that we left the majority of our life from Rexburg Idaho still boxed up, and sitting on shelves in our garage. We have lived here for 4 years now, but have not felt the need to unpack everything. Occasionally, I will make the comment "Didn't we used to have
a ________." Well, yesterday Alyssa discovered some old photos in a box. Several of the pics displayed towers of colorful foam blocks. "I remember those" she said. "I loved, climbing and building with them." So the hunt was on. I knew we had kept them. Three scrapes, a crushed toe, and a bruised shin later they were found. The kids spent the next three hours building all sorts of creations. Together they decided that Camden needed some new play space, and set to work to make him some. The end result; simple but functional. Thank you my little architects.

Alyssa is all about order and control. Her creation! A play pen, where Camden can be contained and still have fun.

Camden loved being surrounded by all that color and chewable material.

Peyton is a free spirit. It was fitting that he opted to design a rolling mat, where Camden could roll to his hearts content without being bumped about on the hardwood floor.

What once was old, is new again
the circle continues forever
For just when you think that you've forgot
someone else surely remembers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr Sandman, bring me some dreams

Anyone who is a mom knows that a schedule means everything. I live and breath by a schedule.
  • 7:00 am wake up the kids
  • 7:30 am scripture study and prayer
  • 7:40am take kids to school
  • 8:00 am start morning house work
  • 9:30 am put Camden down for a nap
  • 10:57 am meet Peyton at the bus stop
  • 11:30 am make lunch
  • 12:30 run any additional errands
  • 2:00 pm drive to school to pick up Alyssa
  • 2:15 pm Camden's afternoon nap
  • 3:00 pm homework
  • 6:00 pm start supper
  • 7:30 pm showers and teeth
  • 8:00 pm read books
  • 8:30 pm put kids to bed

There is of course days where the schedule is askew or altered. Particularly on Sundays when naps time are really a mess due to 1:00 pm church. I like nap times, they are when I get things done. But Camden went completely bizzaro on me yesterday. He didn't really sleep at church ( I don't blame him ), in fact he never took a nap until 5:30 pm. I figured he would go down for about an hour and a half, only logical right? WRONG ! that child slept until 11:30 pm. Now any one who knows me, knows that I am neither a morning person nor a night person. I Like my sleep. I go to bed early and if I can, wake up late. This put a slight glitch in my REM cycle. Chet had for the first time in 4 years gone to bed at a decent hour and was not budging. It was up to me to provide quality time for my little monkey.

There is something spooky about being awake for several hours in the wee morning light. The Fridge sounded like there was a microphone underneath it. The stove fan would jostle in the wind and I swear I heard someone play a few keys on the piano. I am a freak. This is why I sleep. My imagination always gets the better of me. It is best if it rest through the night and provides sweet dreams.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Grumps and a blessing

ONE sick and sleeping baby

ONE sick and drowsy boy

ONE sick and moody girl


THREE very grumpy children


ONE frazzled and unshowered mom

What is the blessing you may ask? This is the first time the kids have really been uncomfortably sick this school year. And it is the weekend, so they still have not missed any school. Yeah! Another blessing! we have mastered all the board games in our closet. It may be sickly family time, but it is family time none the less.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As a parent you are given the unique pleasure of bragging about your kids. And so it is that I am going to take this time to brag about mine. We have had a very successful month of school at our house. The kids have been working hard and have been rewarded for their efforts.
Peyton has been excited to see what you get when you put your best foot forward. This last month he earned a Spirit award. Mrs. Herzog informed me, that the main reason for receiving this award, was because he is always telling the other kids what great jobs they are doing. "He is a positive influence" she said. What mom doesn't like to hear that. Along with receiving the award his picture went up in the hall.

Peyton was thrilled to discover that he is the Student of the week this week. He gets to sit in a special chair. Decorate an "All about me" folder, bring show and tell items, and provide a snack for his class on Thursday.

Peyton has taken huge strides in his reading. He got to skip right over the alphabet sight and sound pages in his tester book, and go straight to the high frequency word pages. He is also sent home with a packet of reading books every week, and is now on Level D readers.

He has been racking up some serious "Paw"sitive awards. This is an award system at Tobias Elementary where children can earn "paw"sitives by being safe, respectful, or responsible.

Alyssa's achievements have been very similar. She received the Terrific Tiger award at the last assembly. Her picture is now on display in the hall, with the other children who received awards.

She was published in the 3rd grade news letter for writing a number problem.

Her desk was chalk full of "Paw"sitive awards. She was able to turn in 25 of them to receive a "Golden Paw" award, which will be hung up in the hall at school.

Hers was one of only 8 maps to be chosen from the 3rd grade , to dress the walls of the school. The kids had to draw a map showing their walking route to school.

We are so proud of our kids and the many things they accomplish at school. Thank You Peyton and Alyssa for being such hard workers and always doing your best.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Camden 6 months

Another Month has flown by. Our little monkey man is now six months old and stirring up laughter wherever he goes. We have hit some real milestones this last month. So Camden, here is a low down of your 6th month of life in our crazy household.

Physical Strengths
  • Sitting up is a breeze. However, you have an unrelenting infatuation with your toes. This causes you to frequently remain in a hunched over position even though you can sit up straight perfectly well.
  • You love to stand and jump in my lap. Your favorite game is trying to grab mommy's glasses while you stand and balance with one hand.
  • I think you are the sit up king. I ought to enter you in a competition. Your stomach muscles never fail to amaze me. you can go from lying flat to sitting up with no help from your arms. Incredible!
  • You are slowly becoming more comfortable laying on your belly. Today at clogging you stayed there looking around for a full hour. Hurray Camden! But more often then not, you don't stay there long, and will quickly roll to your back to stare aimlessly into the air. You must have the ceiling stucco memorized by now. Photo evidence below.

There is no doubt that you are a BUI BOY. You will eat anything. Grandma Bui used to tell me that your dad would open his mouth for anything, even if he was full to the brim. I am afraid son that you have inherited this trait. One of your funnier moments was when you were eating squash. It was obvious that you weren't fond of the taste. You would screw up your face and shiver every time you swallowed, but that didn't stop you from opening your mouth wide every time I came forward with the spoon.

  • Foods you love: carrots, pears, peaches, bananas, oatmeal
  • Foods you eat but are unsure of: squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes
Book Favorites
Moo Baa La La La
Peekaboo Shapes
Song Favorites
If your happy and you know it
Tiny Turtle
The wheels on the bus
  • You have made a new language out of raspberry blowing. Complete with fluctuation and question like endings.
  • You are amused by simple things, much to our pleasure. The more we can hear that raspy giggle the better.
  • When you get angry you scrunch your nose up then roar like a bear cub. Followed by waving arms and gritting gums. Temper? perhaps! but for now it is just plain cute.
  • You have a weakness for soft white blankets. You have two of them and cuddle them frequently.
Growth Chart
  • Weight: 17 pounds 5 ounces
  • Height: 27 inches
  • Teeth: none, but they sure as heck have been bothering you. I feel like we have a new puppy around here with all the chewing going on.
We love ya Cam! whatever would we do without our little bugaboo.
Side Note: Thanks to an extremely charitable and kind friend I have a camera to borrow until I can buy my own. Thanks Heather! you made these 6 month pics possible.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 Things

Alright so I have been tagged again. This is only the second time so I have no room to complain. I will humor you D.W. but next time, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too."

8 TV shows I enjoy watching when I have time and would like to chill:
How I met your Mother
Jon and Kate plus 8
So you think you can dance
The Big Bang Theory
The Cosby Show
Who's the Boss (Yes I like re runs of 80's hits )
Ghost Hunters

8 Things that happened yesterday:
Successfully got the kidaroos off to school
caught up on the laundry
went to lunch at Chengs Mongolian grill with the three BB's (Bui Boys)
Roller Bladed to Tobias Elementary to pick up Alyssa from school
Returned books to the Library
Made a photo album
Sat in the driveway and talked to neighbors for several hours
Played board games with the family

8 Things I am looking forward to:
Putting up Christmas decorations
Seeing the Broadway show "Wicked" in March with my mom
Camden's 1st Christmas
Camden's 1st Birthday
A night out with the girls
Reading a good book
Learning to sew a new project
Monday's clogging class

8 Things I love about Fall:
The colors
The trees
Crisp air
Apple Crisp dessert
Children in school
Visiting the pumpkin patch
Stores start selling the fall colors for clothes
Building a fire in the fireplace

8 Things on my wish list:
A new sewing machine
A trip to Hawaii
A trip to Disneyland
Publish a children's Book
To build a shed for the back yard
Landscape the front and back yard
To have every cupboard and closet in my house professionally organized
Hire an interior decorator

Oh I sound so worldly! I guess we have to be selfish every once and a while.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The family in all it's glory

Last month we had some family pictures taken. It had been nearly three years since our last set of pictures, so it definitely was about time. My extremely generous and kind friend Jen Preece, took time out of her very busy schedule to take the photos for us. She has a natural talent for Photography. Thanks Jen! She was able to capture many adorable shots of the kidaroos. Below are just a few of those shots. We were also able to get wonderful family pictures, but Chet hates having his picture taken, and especially hates when I post them. I snuck a few family shots in other places on the blog.
I had forgotten how interesting it is to try and get a baby to smile, or simply just cooperate. I love how in most baby pictures the child has this completely stunned look on his/her face. Our Pictures were no exception.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Nothing Day

Peyton has been frequenting his own little phrase lately. I first noticed two weeks ago once Thursday rolled around. He woke up at his usual 6:00 am perkiness and asked " Mom, is it a nothing day." To which I responded "Sorry bud we have to go to school today." He didn't seem upset about that prospect, he just simply needed to know what kind of day it would be.

Monday through Friday are school days. Sunday is a Church day. Saturdays are no longer Saturdays. They are now nothing days. I find this to be humorous. My children in fact do more work on a Saturday then they do any other day of the week. They not only have their regular room maintenance, but also have to clean their bathroom and strip their beds for laundry. Maybe Peyton doesn't realize how hard he works doing "nothing."

Imagine his surprise today, when he woke up on a Tuesday (Veterans Day ) and discovered he had been given an extra "Nothing Day." He was thrilled as he sorted his laundry, and helped empty the dishwasher. He sang his months of the year song as he helped organize the computer room in preparation for a play date this afternoon. The least I could do was provide a little "nothing" for him to do on this very special extra "Nothing day."

If only every day were a "nothing day" we sure would get a lot accomplished.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


My camera is broken! It could be that I carry it around in the diaper bag (which occasionally gets wet), or that it has been dropped on the floor several hundred times. Maybe it didn't like being stuffed in Alyssa's purse, or accidentally wedged between the rice cooker and the stereo. But whatever its reasons, my camera has rebelled and decided to go black.
Quite literally! Every time you try to take a picture, all you get is black. Now I don't claim to be a fantastic photographer. In fact, I know I am pretty terrible. But I was determined to have some evidence of my children's life here on this earth, and was making a valiant effort to photo their existence.
I am now plagued with missed opportunities. Moments of their lives that are not documented. So today we have an opportunity to use our imaginations. Here is a running tally of the events that occurred this week, which had my camera been working, would of provided some lovely candid shots.
(1) Peyton forgetting it was a school day, and trying to get in the van still wearing his pajamas
(2) Spending the entire afternoon playing every children's game in our closet
(3) Alyssa teaching Camden how to play piano
(4) Camden trying to figure out how to hold himself up with his arms and keep his bottom in the air at the same time. For now he does them individually and it looks like a cat stretching.
(5) Alyssa's participation in the Activity day girls Talent Show at Rosewood Retirement Community. She sang and danced with friends, played the recorder, and jumped rope as Little Red Riding Hood in a skit.
(6) Peyton getting pooped on by a seagull as it flew over head.
(7) Camden sneezing sweet potatoes out of his nose.
(8) And Finally! Chet successfully getting all three car seats into his new car, so he would have an excuse to drive it more. Family trips baby!
I guess this next week will find me biting the bullet and buying a new camera. Rose and BJ you're going to have to come with me to talk me into spending money.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Family Member

We have a new addition to our family. No it is not a baby! Everyone take a breath. We purchased a new car. So we thought it would be fun to take you through the history of our family vehicles.

Our first car came in the form of a red Honda hatchback, similar to the one pictured here. We bought it off Chet's college roommate. He was leaving on a mission, we were getting married and didn't have a car. It was a perfect fit. We named him PODI ( long "o" sound). This was way back in the days of 1998. This car had an over-heating problem, but it got us from point A to point B.

Next came reliable RILEY. This white 1993 Toyota Corolla, was a huge blessing. I was 8 months pregnant and our little honda began letting fumes in the car every time we drove. We decided it probably wasn't the best car to be driving a baby around in. A truly inspired and dear friend, called us up one morning and said "I just felt I should call and offer to take you car shopping today." We found RILEY that very day. This was May 2000.

In February 2005 we welcomed RAZOR BLUE into the family. After moving to the Portland Oregon area it became necessary to have two vehicles. Chet would go off to work everyday, and I would be trapped at home. Things are not as close or in walking distance as they are in good ole podunk Rexburg Idaho. This 2004 Mazda MPV was a perfect fit. We decided on a Van because we knew we would be taking many trips to Canada and would need the space. Also I had hopes for more children, which would happen three years later.


Isn't he cute? We would like to introduce you to our 2007 Mazda 3 Hatchback. The kids named him SPOOKY. A fitting name for him because he is a misty gray and was purchased on Halloween Night. We sadly say goodbye to RILEY whom we love, but had seen his last days of functionality. It was time to upgrade to a more reliable, and for Chet's sake, sporty, vehicle. So welcome to our 2008 family SPOOKY. You will be with us for a long time. Don't be afraid. I'm sure Alyssa will end up being a good driver.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Double the Pleasure , Double the fun

Around the sharp corner and up the long stairs
Hung three little costumes just ready to wear.
A transformer, A 50's girl, and dragon with sleeves
All waited patiently for old Hallow's Eve

The kids who would wear them, were excited too
They practised and perfected their cackles and Boos
And finally now at around 7 o' clock
The two merged together to prowl round the block

For an hour or more they took in the thick air
Reveling in each wide smile and deep stare
The candy flowed plenty, filling up there dark sacks
But the hour was late, and they had to head back.

Normally to separate costume and child
would result in behavior increasingly wild
But there was no need to put up a fight
For the Quatama Ward party was the very next night

So costume and child merged together once more
Straight to the church parking lot, they left to explore
Where trunks fully decorated awaited them there
And ward members with candy ready to share

The costumes are now folded and packed safe away
The children are happy and continue to play
We'll move on to Thanksgiving with gratitude and cheer
While Halloween sleeps quietly 'till October next year

Earlier Halloween day

Halloween started out with a bang. The great thing about this holiday is the perma-grin spread across the faces of every child you meet. For one day you can say that every child is adorable.

Tobias Elementary celebrates every holiday with pizazz. The day started with an 8:30 am assembly . We discovered later that Tobias is one of the few schools that still allow children to dress up for Halloween. That is unfortunate, but I guess I understand the reasoning behind it. Principle Noesen on the other hand would never miss an opportunity to dress up. The morning Kinder classes got to parade around all the other grades at the assembly so they could show off their costumes. The official costume parade would not start until later that afternoon.

Peyton enjoyed oodles of candy, popcorn, juice, cookies, and cupcakes all before 10:00 am. he then ended his school day with a rousing game of GHOST Bingo.

Alyssa had to pull in a few hours of actual school work before she got to put her groove on. Well worth the wait. She jammed the afternoon away, kickin' it with friends and stuffing her face.

She then displayed one of her many talents and repeatedly walked across the room balancing books on her head.

The whole family ended our afternoon cruising through stores and snatching up all their candy. This was Camden's first experience trick or treating. He enjoyed grabbing for treats and was disappointed when it had to be put in the bag. It's a good thing he will never remember that he never even got to eat it.