Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Handy Man Peyton

Peyton has become quite the little go getter. His expertise in LEGO building, BIONICLE assembly, and TRANSFORMER transformations, have turned him into a very talented problem solver. Yesterday I discovered these emerging talents spread further then I thought.
We hit the clearance isle at Fred Meyer and found a standing coat rack that is perfect for our garage door entrance. Upon bringing it home, Peyton boldly stated" Mom, I want to build it, you just relax." I was at first hesitant to allow a 6 year old access to my new find, but soon realized that he needed this independent time.
He carefully unwrapped the various parts and set them gently on the couch and then proceeded to unfold the instructions. He glanced at them for only a brief minute before declaring " These instructions are a breeze."
Then with lightning speed he whipped up that coat stand with no problems at all. What a sweet little handy man. I can't wait to see what he'll tackle next. I do need a shed built in the back yard!

The very
Handy man peyton by the finished project


Heather said...

Way to go, Peyton!
I might have to hire you to come over on Christmas morning and put together all my new toys. ;)

runningfan said...


Krista said...

that's awesome! I found Brogan reading the owners manual to my truck the other day ... I'm still nervous about when he thinks he's going to tackle that particular project.