Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As a parent you are given the unique pleasure of bragging about your kids. And so it is that I am going to take this time to brag about mine. We have had a very successful month of school at our house. The kids have been working hard and have been rewarded for their efforts.
Peyton has been excited to see what you get when you put your best foot forward. This last month he earned a Spirit award. Mrs. Herzog informed me, that the main reason for receiving this award, was because he is always telling the other kids what great jobs they are doing. "He is a positive influence" she said. What mom doesn't like to hear that. Along with receiving the award his picture went up in the hall.

Peyton was thrilled to discover that he is the Student of the week this week. He gets to sit in a special chair. Decorate an "All about me" folder, bring show and tell items, and provide a snack for his class on Thursday.

Peyton has taken huge strides in his reading. He got to skip right over the alphabet sight and sound pages in his tester book, and go straight to the high frequency word pages. He is also sent home with a packet of reading books every week, and is now on Level D readers.

He has been racking up some serious "Paw"sitive awards. This is an award system at Tobias Elementary where children can earn "paw"sitives by being safe, respectful, or responsible.

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