Monday, September 29, 2008



(dinner last night)


Alyssa and Peyton may be opposites in many ways, but there is one area where they are very much the same. They are both INCREDIBLY MESSY !!!

Peyton's room today

Alyssa's room today

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Time

Every so often a family experiences a weekend that stands out over the rest. There really was nothing extra spectacular about what we did this weekend, and yet is had a feeling of peace. It is those quiet, do nothing days that seem to bring the best memories.

Saturday brought sunny skies and soaring temperatures. Peyton spent the entire day outside playing with neighbourhood friends, but Alyssa was trapped inside, the consequence of a bad decision made the day before. I was surprised to see that she took her punishment rather well. She quickly completed her Saturday chores, did her 40 minutes of reading, and even took the time to help me empty the dishwasher. But I think the biggest surprise of the day, came when she asked if we could play piano together. Alyssa sadly lost her piano teacher this last spring when their family moved to Colorado ( We love you and miss you Heidi), Alyssa has had a hard time getting back into piano. We haven't been able to find a new teacher for her and I feared that glorious new talent would soon be lost. However, Alyssa quickly slipped right back into her determined self. We spent upwards of two hours playing duets, and breaking out in song. Then she scrambled upstairs and grabbed the song list for the upcoming primary program at church. I then played the piano while she sang through the complete list of songs. I don't think there is anything that can bring the spirit into a home faster then the playing of appropriate and reflective music. The rest of the day was spent jumping on the trampoline (my calves are feeling it today) and preparing a meal for the missionaries.
Today looks to be just as joyous. As I watch my children practicing their speaking parts in the kitchen for the primary program, I feel grateful and blessed to have the gospel in my life, and a family who loves each other.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Transformer fest

It seem like all we do lately is write about Peyton, But it just so happened that his birthday was spread out through the week. Peyton still does not have the best sense of time. Two days prior to his birthday, we reminded him that his birthday was in two days. To this he questioned, "Is that close mom?" Imagine his surprise, when he woke up Tuesday morning to discover it was in fact his birthday. That day was a simple one; Lunch with mom and dad, opening gifts quickly before heading off to soccer, hitting the drive thru window at Panda Express on the way home and off to bed.

Now Friday is when the festivities really began. It was time for the kid party. Transformer themed of course. Let me just remind you that we are in no way band wagoners when it comes to transformers. Peyton has been a transformer addict since he was two. Chet purchased the original 1980's cartoon series on DVD, and the two of them quickly bonded over laser guns, energon cubes and Megatrons mischievous ways. That was 4 years ago and Peyton has thought of nothing since. We have only recently been blessed with the resurgence of toys thanks to last years release of the movie. Anyway the party was a hit. Peyton and his three pest pals shot nerf darts at decepticon faces, dodged lasers on the trampoline, went on a quest to find the allspark, and ultimately gorged themselves on cake and pizza. It is official. Peyton is no longer a little boy he is quickly heading toward the tween stage. Lucky for us he has kept his cheerful demeanor and charitable heart, two things we gives thanks for everyday!

our four autobot protectors

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Peyton's 1st birthday cake

Taking a nap with Beary

Forever with a sweet tooth

Look at those pearly whites

Happy birthday Peyton. It doesn't seem to matter how old you get, you still look like that little one year old, eating cake, with a head full of dark hair. We are so proud of all your accomplishments. You are always quick to smile and have a heart of gold. Thanks for brightening up our family every day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flower Power

When you look at Alyssa, you get the feeling that she was meant to be a leader. Her very birth brought with it a string of firsts.

* The 1st child born to our family

* The 1st in our family to be born in the United States

* The 1st grandchild born to both the Bui side and Palin side

As she has grown, she continues to be blessed with the power to lead. You could not ask for a better big sister to read stories, change a diaper, or clean the bathroom. She always has a willingness to offer a prayer at church or give a talk. At school she spends Friday afternoons assisting special needs children in their P.E classes, and then makes up her missed school work on her own time.

Had Alyssa of been born in the 50's I have no doubt she would of been an advocate for women's rights. The 60's would have found her leading a march against the Vietnam war. She was born to lead, and our lives have been blessed because of it. So whether she sets a positive example by being the 1st grandchild to get baptised or pushes through the pain to be the 1st person to make it to the top of Bears Hump in Waterton; we look forward to where her leadership will take her, and will be cheering her on all the way.

Alyssa at the top of Bears Hump

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nacho Cheese !!!

Alyssa and Peyton discovered something interesting about their little brother recently. It seems that if you yell "Nacho Cheese" right into his face he will give you the best smiles and belly laughs.

Now if you just yell "Cheese" that will not do. It has to be "Nacho Cheese" in order to get these spirited smiles. I'm not sure if this means that we have a future 7-11 store-aholic, or he is just letting us know that he has some spice to his personality, either way, he is making us laugh right along with him.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whose afraid of the Big Bad BIKE ?

When A strapping young boy is born, you asume that one day he will become an incredible athlete. Or at the very least, a curious and always brave adventurer. We are never quite prepared when a scardey cat emerges. Our sweet " big brother" Peyton (he gets mad if we call him little), bless his heart is afraid of everything. Dogs, cats, water, fireworks, the dark, loud airplanes, and even the wind are off limits. But until last week there was one contraptions that would not be touched; his bike!

Peyton's bike was the source of much anxiety. Riding it meant you not only had to balance but go fast. two things he had no desire to do. It sat in our garage with it's floresent green wheels and bright blue frame as a monument of things never to be. We decided that Camden would one day enjoy this bike as a vintage 2007 Hot Wheels BMX in pristine condition. However, the power of pack mentality came into play last week. Three adorable girls living in our culdusac all learned to ride their two wheelers within days of each other. They are Peyton's friends and he could not be left out. He wanted to learn how to ride his two wheeler too gosh darnit, and demanded that his training wheels be taken off. He took to the asphault with iron determination. An army of transformers could not of swayed him from his goal. And just like that, on the very first try, my son soared down the street with no help at all. One fear has been conquered, and I'm sure many more will follow. But for now we will revel in the heroics of Super Speedster Peyton. master of all two wheelers and champion of Hudgik Court.