Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nacho Cheese !!!

Alyssa and Peyton discovered something interesting about their little brother recently. It seems that if you yell "Nacho Cheese" right into his face he will give you the best smiles and belly laughs.

Now if you just yell "Cheese" that will not do. It has to be "Nacho Cheese" in order to get these spirited smiles. I'm not sure if this means that we have a future 7-11 store-aholic, or he is just letting us know that he has some spice to his personality, either way, he is making us laugh right along with him.


runningfan said...

It's so fun to see your baby (and your blog). Thanks for looping me in! I just commented to Garry yesterday that I wondered how you guys were doing and voila! An email in my inbox!

BTW...this is Heidi Bartle. ;)

Kirsten said...

Seriously, that is so funny! What cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

thanks, we thought it was pretty great too!

Krista said...

lol... what on earth would make them yell "nacho cheese" at him in the first place? I am constantly wondering what the heck is going on inside these munchkins' heads.