Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love the the blunders and phrase switching that children and for that matter, adults sometimes do. Here are a few snippets that have made me laugh this weekend.

1) On Fridays I volunteer at the kids school. Like most moms I spend most of the morning getting the kids ready and so I rarely have time to make myself presentable before heading out the door. Popping on my glasses and pulling the hair back into a pony is about as good as it gets. But this past Friday I made an extra effort and actually put in my contacts instead of my glasses. when I arrived at the school a sweet little boy in Peyton's class came up to me and said:

" Wow, Mrs. Bui, did you get your eyes pierced?"

I had to giggle, and hardily thank him for noticing.

2) We hold family home evening on Fridays at our house. It's what works for us and our schedule. Peyton gave a lovely lesson about The Creation, and even read from the book of Genesis (we've really enjoyed seeing his reading skills take off). At the end of the lesson he posed the questions. "What do we do on Sundays, the day of rest". We each took a turn answering: prayer, go to church, read scriptures, think about Jesus, and then it was Camden's turn to answer, to which he bellowed.

" Watch football"

A wide grin spread across Chet's face, such a proud poppa, and we all had a good laugh. Camden truly is watching and learning from everything we do.

3) That same night we stuck around and played a few games of Hangman on the dry erase board. We tried to keep the phrases centered around our family home evening lesson. Chet thought he was being so smart when it was his turn to create a phrase. He really had us stumped, what started with an F had an L in the middle and ended with a T. We were almost hung, then Alyssa saved us by confusingly guessing with a scrunched nose.
Chet was so disappointed that she had guessed is word. We all looked at each other and laughed, some one had to break the news to him. So Alyssa stated.

" Isn't it supposed to be FIRMAMENT"

He was rather embarrassed that he had been called out by a 9 year old. I guess he had light bulbs and fridge parts on the brain. Maybe he was hungry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Lazy Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth fairy,
I have to say that I am greatly disappointed in your performance as of late. I was only made aware of your apparent lack of responsibility recently.

My sweet boy Peyton, who has lost three teeth in the last two weeks, solemnly walked into the office with a shocking statement. "Mom, I think I know why the Tooth fairy hasn't come yet."
(Gasp!), "Why is that", I asked. " First, I never wrote her a thank you note, and second, I think she is really tiny. Those coins and bills probably get very heavy and it's hard for her to fly."

Now Tooth fairy, I do realize that you are very busy. Besides this night job, you most certainly have a family of your own to take care of, errands to runs, projects to finish and a home to organize. But I would hope that you could make the time to remember my imaginative little boy. A sweet child who never has gotten angry at you for being late, in fact makes excuses for it. And has been waiting patiently for over a week, dutifully checking under his pillow every morning for a simple recognition of a job well done. It did take him 7 years to grow those teeth for you. And I would expect that he will be handsomely rewarded for his patience.

Yours guilty:
The face in the mirror

Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Stud

I can't help but notice lately how grown - up Camden is looking. He is such a stud

My little adventurer is always on the go. He loves to explore his surroundings. Curiosity killed the cat they say. Not in his case. Curiosity made one smart little man.

It won't be long until people are trying to fill HIS big shoes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girls Just want to have fun

Flash back! You betcha! Welcome back to the 80's. poofy hair, bright colors, outrageous jewlery, and A few familiar Icons, made this fantasic evening totally Rad. The Ladies of the Quatama Cloggers dance group, of which I am apart, decided to have a little get together this weekend.

Chet made a fine Mr. Miyagi, and I attempted a low key Cindy Lauper

brushing up on our 80's trivia. It was easy to spot the competative with the more mellow, during this mind twister.
Chet took the Cake on the name that tune game. Parts of songs from commercials, televison sitcoms, or cartoons were played. let's just say that it was pretty obvious that Chet spent the greater part of the 80's learning how to speak english by watching T.V.
The men all snazzed up. I think we had like 4 Marty McFly's
And the Women feeling young and free
It was such a great night girls. I can't wait to see what theme we pick for our next gathering.