Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Lazy Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth fairy,
I have to say that I am greatly disappointed in your performance as of late. I was only made aware of your apparent lack of responsibility recently.

My sweet boy Peyton, who has lost three teeth in the last two weeks, solemnly walked into the office with a shocking statement. "Mom, I think I know why the Tooth fairy hasn't come yet."
(Gasp!), "Why is that", I asked. " First, I never wrote her a thank you note, and second, I think she is really tiny. Those coins and bills probably get very heavy and it's hard for her to fly."

Now Tooth fairy, I do realize that you are very busy. Besides this night job, you most certainly have a family of your own to take care of, errands to runs, projects to finish and a home to organize. But I would hope that you could make the time to remember my imaginative little boy. A sweet child who never has gotten angry at you for being late, in fact makes excuses for it. And has been waiting patiently for over a week, dutifully checking under his pillow every morning for a simple recognition of a job well done. It did take him 7 years to grow those teeth for you. And I would expect that he will be handsomely rewarded for his patience.

Yours guilty:
The face in the mirror


Dawn Walterscheid said...

We have the same problem with our tooth fairy. Sometimes she or he is just running late and comes when they are in the shower in the morning or when she is really late when they are at school. The tooth fairy is very busy she doesn't have Reindeer, and she can't hop very fast. She just has those little wings to do all the many things that she needs to do.

Krista said...

lol - that darn tooth fairy!

jamie t. said...

You made me smile!

Carroll Conversations said...

Oh poor Peyton, way to stick up for that tooth fairy. Unfortunately, he's not alone. Our tooth fairy seems to be getting progressively slower to respond with each tooth that is lost. Hang on little buddy, tonight just might be the night. =)

Ken said...

That's cute!