Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girls Just want to have fun

Flash back! You betcha! Welcome back to the 80's. poofy hair, bright colors, outrageous jewlery, and A few familiar Icons, made this fantasic evening totally Rad. The Ladies of the Quatama Cloggers dance group, of which I am apart, decided to have a little get together this weekend.

Chet made a fine Mr. Miyagi, and I attempted a low key Cindy Lauper

brushing up on our 80's trivia. It was easy to spot the competative with the more mellow, during this mind twister.
Chet took the Cake on the name that tune game. Parts of songs from commercials, televison sitcoms, or cartoons were played. let's just say that it was pretty obvious that Chet spent the greater part of the 80's learning how to speak english by watching T.V.
The men all snazzed up. I think we had like 4 Marty McFly's
And the Women feeling young and free
It was such a great night girls. I can't wait to see what theme we pick for our next gathering.


Courtney B said...

everyone posting their pictures from the party is making me crazy! i am sooo bummed that i missed the party :( i finally went to the doctor today and have bronchitis... lame.

we better get to dress up for the next party and i better not be sick. it looks like it was a blast and you guys' costumes ROCK!

Steve said...

Chet won name that tune from all those years playing it in the produce department.

Well done Daniel son!

mama said...

Chet played the part to the max --- I laughed out loud --- and no one to hear me. Loved it --- you two should have taken the prize for sure.
Mama Nye

Sally said...

Wow Nancy, I just came on to see what was new with you and you got me chuckling this morning. Chet looks great, now I am drawn to watch the Karate Kid. Looks like it was a great night.

Dawn Walterscheid said...

I showed Jeremy the picture of you and Chet and he just started to laugh. You both looked very 80's!

Carroll Conversations said...

It definitely was a bodacious party! I didn't realize Sally has a blog. I don't have her email to get her to send me an invite. If you do, send the message along for me please. Thanks! BTW, Chet made a perfect Mr. Miyagi and you looked fabulous Nancy-dear. So fun!

Henry said...

Hey Nancy, You look Fab, very 80's Now I know what Chet will look like when he is my age.