Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A nice white blanket for Portland

After much wishing, and hoping, and dreaming and praying, my kids were thirlled to embrace a little white miracle. For the second Winter break in a row, we recieved bucket loads of snow.

I suppose those wonderful new snow pants and boots from Christmas, will come in handy after all.


runningfan said...

Amazing! It looks like Colorado!

mama said...

Snow in Portland? Wow --- you've got more than we have in Idaho.
Momma Nye

Sally and Brian said...

Whatever. You are so NOT in Portland. You came to Canada for Christmas and didn't tell me! :)

Dawn Walterscheid said...

Wow! That looks so cold! I had to turn my heat up just looking at it. It also looks like you had a great Christmas. Cute pictures!