Monday, December 21, 2009

Blazer Madness

A couple of Saturdays ago, Chet and I were given the opportunity to attend a Blazer Game. Thanks to the sweet winnings of our friend Brent, we enjoyed the luxury of a suite and special visits from past Blazer players.

It was fun to watch the team warming up

Chet and I cheered to our hearts content ( BJ Would kill me if she saw this picture)

Then of course because it was my first Blazer game,Our main man ODEN went down with a serious injury within the first 5 min. Brent said I was a curse, and that I couldn't come to a game ever again.

We managed to still have a fantastic time, and the Blazers pulled out a win 90-89

During a visit with former Blazer players, this snap shot was taken.

Afterwards, the tall whit gentleman in the back bumped into me. The height difference was extraordinary. He looked down at me and said, "Oh hello down there, you know you and I should do dancing with the stars together." I said I would gladly comply and to call me any time.


Steve said...

Did Clyde Drexler stop by? He was my favorite Trailblazer. Looked like you had a great time. Still working on your Christmas crossword.

mama said...

Cute pictures --- and I'll watch for that "Dancing with the Stars" segment ---
Mamma Nye