Tuesday, April 21, 2009

11 months

Oh! little sweet bottom. You brighten up our days just like those colorful flowers. It's hard to believe that in just one more month you will be a year old. Just because you are as brilliant as a flower, doesn't mean you have to grow like one. let's take a look at this last month.

Adventures in Food:

* I am bound and determined to get you to finish our last can of Formula. I think it is great that you have managed to ween yourself from the bottle so successfully. But I really think you need that last month of balanced nutrition. So please! suck back that nasty stuff for one more month.

* when I have my back turned, you are a master at sneaking any food that might be near you. I even grabbed some photo evidence of this last week. I have to hand it to you. You are a quick little monkey. I hope you enjoyed that pizza, you won't be having it again for a while.

* Pancakes and fruit are still among your favorite things to eat. Unfortunately, no one else in our family likes pancakes. I am learning to make smaller portions.

Personality moments:

*You love to play on the Piano. But you are very bossy with your space. You don't like to share the keyboard. If someone else tries to play at the same time as you, you usually swipe their hands away and grunt. This makes it rather difficult for Alyssa to practice piano.

* YA, and DA DA are your favorite words. If we ask you a question, you usually say Ya! regardless of what the question is. Da da is used a lot, not because you are asking for dad but because you have associated that word with being angry. When ever you are upset you burst out in long angry phrases of da da da da da da. I blame Chet for pestering you so much. Sure that's what dads do, but I think we have hit an extreme when da da now means frustration.

* Sharing is a fun and interesting concept. You love to share your food. Unfortunately, it is usually the food that has already been in your mouth. Not very appetizing, but it's nice of you to try.

* Games of cat and mouse bring out the best giggles and facial expressions. Your favorite place to play is around the coffee table. We will chase you around in circles and you hold on to the edge of that coffee table and walk as fast as you can. Very Funny! We also love to chase you up the stairs. I am amazed at how quickly those little arms and legs can move.

* Our little snuggle bug. You like to wedge up as closely as you can when taking a nap with dad. Daddy has learned not to move in his sleep. We also enjoy frequent hugs and nose nuzzles.

Favorite songs:

* Tiny Turtle
* Leo the Lion
* If your happy and you know it

Basic Measurements:

weight- 22 pounds
height- unknown
We do know that I bought a bunch of summer outfits on sale and decided on the 18 month size. Unfortunately they are all now too small and it's not even summer yet . You're a monster and that's why we love ya!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rock climber

Hmm! I realize that this is the Rescue Hero MOUNTAIN station, But I don't think it is supposed be used for actual Rock Climbing.

That doesn't stop this little monkey. If it has levels, he will climb it.

And maybe even do a little surfing. Yep! sweet pea that car has wheels and they do roll. It's a good thing you have great balance.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter happiness

We love this time of year. Not only is everything in bloom here in Oregon, making the everyday car ride a glorious sight. But we get to celebrate the life , death, and most importantly, the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

To our family, Easter is a time of deep gratitude and spiritual renewal. We are so grateful for his atoning sacrifice. We Know that our family can be together forever, because our Savior made it possible.

We try not to cater to heavily in the commercialization of the holiday. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. We do have children after all.

Our Ward hosted an Easter Breakfast on Saturday morning. It was a raving success. Yum Yum cinnamon rolls, fruit, bagels and juice were scarfed down at an alarming rate. There was a fantastic slide show and reading of the Story of Christ, and then a surprise entrance by this freaky dude.

The Easter bunny to be sure,but for many kids, he was a terrifying, don't come near me with a ten foot poll, monster.

Peyton proudly scooped up dozens of eggs. He had his basket filled in no time.

Alyssa and our sweet neighbour miss G were also very successful in their egg hunt. So much so that I had them give away a large chunk of their findings to those kids who weren't so quick on the draw.

We of course couldn't go home without opening a few eggs and divvying them up evenly.
On Sunday morning, we headed straight to church, but by early afternoon we were ready to have a little hunt of our own. I had looked up scripture references that would lead the kids to various places in the home ( bath, bed, oven, wash clothes, table, etc.. ) It was a scripture scavenger hunt of sorts. At each clue point there was another scripture and a set of Easter eggs for their baskets. They got candy and the chance to read the scripture, WIN WIN!
Chet was finishing up dinner preparations, and I was wrestling with Camden, so I'm afraid not many pictures were snapped of the hunt. But I did manage to take a picture of the ending prize.

Here's our plate of goodies nestled snugly in the fridge.
We had a wonderful day, full of laughter, spiritual growth and did I mention new church callings. That's right! Chet received a new calling. He is now 1st councilor in the Elders Quorum Presidency. We couldn't be more proud. We got to take a Trip to the Stake Center where he was set apart and given a blessing by members of the Stake Presidency, High Council and Ward Bishopric. A wonderful end to an extraordinary day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Girl who know what she wants

Like most Saturdays, our family spent a large chunk of the day running around doing errands. Todays "To Do" List included

* Attend the Easter breakfast

* Get ant killer

* Fertilize and de-moss the lawn

* Clean the horrendously messy kitchen

* And find some Sunday shoes for the children. Poor Peyton has been wearing too small shoes for two months now. His toes are permanently curled.

The kids are generally good sports about being hauled all over the city. Today was no exception. Upon finishing our last and most important errand, the kids announced:

Kids- "Where are we going now?"

to which we replied

Parents- "HOME"

Alyssa- " No, we're not

Dad- "Oh really, then where should we be going"

Alyssa- "To get something to eat, I need something FIZZY, Something SALTY, and something MEATY."

Chet and I both have an inability to make up our minds about anything, especially in regards to food. It's nice to know that at least one member of our family can make a solid decision and stick to it.

But it only gets better from there. Not only were we forced into a lunch out as a family ( well it really didn't take much forcing), but we were made to seem rather dumb. Our next conversation went something like this.

Dad- "how about Greek food? We haven't hit the Mad Greek in a while."

Mom- " I could go for a Gyro Plate ( pronounce it{ gee row})

Alyssa- " Actually mom, it's pronounced { yur oh }"

Mom- " Um, I think you're mixing up the type of money, with a type of food."

Alyssa - " No! Miss Neilsen told that to me and she actually went to college"

( apparently my degree in Broadcasting, and Chet's degree in healthcare administration mean nothing, we remind her of this.)

Mom- " Well, did you hear that Chet, Miss Neilsen went to College, she must know."

Alyssa- " Oh come on, you guys went to school forever ago. Miss Neilsen graduated recently, so she remembers stuff better."

Well Miss Nielsen, I'm glad you are Alyssa's teacher. She adores you and you have obviously taught her a lot. Our Old educated brains will sit back and let you do the work.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

summer cuts

At the first taste of summer, it's time to buzz off those long locks and let their scalps breath. Wads of thick black hair is like dirt at my house. There is far to much of it and it gets everywhere.

Peyton insisted on stripping down to his underwear for his hair cut. We thought it appropriate to at least wrap a towel around his waste.

I absolutely despise cutting Chet's hair. It is sooo wirey that it actually gives you slivers. So my sweet apprentice has begun to take over the job. She's getting pretty good.

Here, she's thinking about how to style it. Technically she could do something really funky and Chet would never know, nor could he do anything about it.

Yes we are proud of you sweet pea.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello Sunshine! We're so glad you have decided to join us this weekend. Your streams of warm and bright vibrant colors have been sorely missed. We love the way the deck warms up to create a tanning bed, and instant kid play zone. I hear you will be sticking around for a few more days before showering down moisture for our thirsty plants. We shall enjoy your company. Feel free to poke your head through the windows, or lay out on my carpet, You are always welcome at my house.

Alyssa, taking advantage of the rays and a sturdy deck.

If you ever wondered what Chet's mom looked like, you are witnessing a perfect side profile.

Peyton sat out on the deck all day. You can do that when you have an imagination like his.

Alright, a place to crawl and walk OUTSIDE!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 months

So little mischief maker, what have you been up to this last month? Other then unrolling all of our toilet paper that is. Well let me tell you.


  • giggles and farts, yes that's right. You always giggle after you have tooted. You seem to have a flare for gross out comedy.
  • That teeny weeny highlight of red hair has added huge temper tantrum capabilities. there is no middle ground. You are either extremely calm and happy, or furious. Luckily the happiness wins out most of the time.
  • I want it, and I want it now, is a new trend. Patience is a virtue, and you my son have not yet developed it. At least not when food is involved.
  • gettin jiggy with it? You bet. You love to shake that little tooshy to any musical beat.

Physical developments:

  • You have been crawling and walking along furniture for quite some time now, but this month, you discovered the stairs. You are very proficient and fast.

  • You are huge. I never thought you were all that big, until I realized I was putting you in clothes that Peyton was wearing when we moved to Portland. He was 19 months at the time. So chubba bubba, there is hope for you yet.
  • You are frequenting words like, mama, dada, nana, Uh Oh, and buh buh
  • I caught you trying to climb out of the crib the other day. There will be none of that monkey. Not yet!
  • TWO MORE TEETH! Wow, those two top, front teeth made an appearance on March 30th. Now you can really chow down.


  • A hearty appetite in deed. You will only take one bottle in the morning and one at night, and a container of baby food is not enough to fill your hungry growls.
  • You tried spaghetti and loved it
  • And as I reminisce of when My baby brother was still a baby ( love you bobert), you too enjoy sucking on chicken bones and crunching on cartilage.


  • If it has a beat, you like it
  • some new favs, the hokey pokey, chicken dance, and bunny hop


  • Now that your attention span is a bit longer, we can make it through some true classics
  • A color of my own
  • Miss Spiders new car
  • I know an Old Lady who swallowed a fly

We are so looking forward to the nice weather ahead. Now you can really have some fun when we go to the park. they've got some great stairs there buddy, you'll love it!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally time to relax

I have never thought of myself as a stressful person. I have lived a pretty posh life. My needs and many of my wants have always been met. I don't require much and managed to remain fairly organized and in control.

However, this last two years has made a turn. I don't know if it was the two pregnancy's back to back and subsequent adjustment year of once again having a baby in the house. Or the fact that I have grazed past the 30 mark and there has been an adjustment in my mental stability. whatever the cause, I know longer have the ability to remain organized and productive for a long stretch of time. This became increasingly apparent over the last 4 weeks.

As the Young Women Camp coordinator, I was put in charge of organizing a fundraiser for camp. A job I gladly took and was excited to pursue. But I could not get my head out of the fog. Back in the Primary presidency days, I could whip out a quarterly Primary activity in 60 min, with a complete outline, supply list, and visuals. A Fundraiser is a whole other ball park. I was grateful for the 4 weeks I had, my dear friends on the activities committee who helped me out and supplied added brain power, and the fantastic, laid back and supportive Young Women and leaders whose patience and determination pulled the whole thing together. We Did it! and it was Fabulous.

A Brief overhaul of the event: We held a Chili cook off and service auction. Charged $8 a family or $5 a couple. All chili, services ( babysitting, yard work, baked good, lessons, costume making, etc..) were donated by ward members. At sign in, each family was given a wooden, painters stir stick marked with a number as their auction paddle. Dinner was at 6:30 and the auction began at 7:15. It was fun, productive, at times hilarious, and very successful. I am so grateful for a supportive ward. Three Cheers Quatama Ward, you have brightened the lives of 7 very happy girls. I now can take a deep breath, and try to regain a bit of my lost sanity.