Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 months

So little mischief maker, what have you been up to this last month? Other then unrolling all of our toilet paper that is. Well let me tell you.


  • giggles and farts, yes that's right. You always giggle after you have tooted. You seem to have a flare for gross out comedy.
  • That teeny weeny highlight of red hair has added huge temper tantrum capabilities. there is no middle ground. You are either extremely calm and happy, or furious. Luckily the happiness wins out most of the time.
  • I want it, and I want it now, is a new trend. Patience is a virtue, and you my son have not yet developed it. At least not when food is involved.
  • gettin jiggy with it? You bet. You love to shake that little tooshy to any musical beat.

Physical developments:

  • You have been crawling and walking along furniture for quite some time now, but this month, you discovered the stairs. You are very proficient and fast.

  • You are huge. I never thought you were all that big, until I realized I was putting you in clothes that Peyton was wearing when we moved to Portland. He was 19 months at the time. So chubba bubba, there is hope for you yet.
  • You are frequenting words like, mama, dada, nana, Uh Oh, and buh buh
  • I caught you trying to climb out of the crib the other day. There will be none of that monkey. Not yet!
  • TWO MORE TEETH! Wow, those two top, front teeth made an appearance on March 30th. Now you can really chow down.


  • A hearty appetite in deed. You will only take one bottle in the morning and one at night, and a container of baby food is not enough to fill your hungry growls.
  • You tried spaghetti and loved it
  • And as I reminisce of when My baby brother was still a baby ( love you bobert), you too enjoy sucking on chicken bones and crunching on cartilage.


  • If it has a beat, you like it
  • some new favs, the hokey pokey, chicken dance, and bunny hop


  • Now that your attention span is a bit longer, we can make it through some true classics
  • A color of my own
  • Miss Spiders new car
  • I know an Old Lady who swallowed a fly

We are so looking forward to the nice weather ahead. Now you can really have some fun when we go to the park. they've got some great stairs there buddy, you'll love it!

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