Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Girl who know what she wants

Like most Saturdays, our family spent a large chunk of the day running around doing errands. Todays "To Do" List included

* Attend the Easter breakfast

* Get ant killer

* Fertilize and de-moss the lawn

* Clean the horrendously messy kitchen

* And find some Sunday shoes for the children. Poor Peyton has been wearing too small shoes for two months now. His toes are permanently curled.

The kids are generally good sports about being hauled all over the city. Today was no exception. Upon finishing our last and most important errand, the kids announced:

Kids- "Where are we going now?"

to which we replied

Parents- "HOME"

Alyssa- " No, we're not

Dad- "Oh really, then where should we be going"

Alyssa- "To get something to eat, I need something FIZZY, Something SALTY, and something MEATY."

Chet and I both have an inability to make up our minds about anything, especially in regards to food. It's nice to know that at least one member of our family can make a solid decision and stick to it.

But it only gets better from there. Not only were we forced into a lunch out as a family ( well it really didn't take much forcing), but we were made to seem rather dumb. Our next conversation went something like this.

Dad- "how about Greek food? We haven't hit the Mad Greek in a while."

Mom- " I could go for a Gyro Plate ( pronounce it{ gee row})

Alyssa- " Actually mom, it's pronounced { yur oh }"

Mom- " Um, I think you're mixing up the type of money, with a type of food."

Alyssa - " No! Miss Neilsen told that to me and she actually went to college"

( apparently my degree in Broadcasting, and Chet's degree in healthcare administration mean nothing, we remind her of this.)

Mom- " Well, did you hear that Chet, Miss Neilsen went to College, she must know."

Alyssa- " Oh come on, you guys went to school forever ago. Miss Neilsen graduated recently, so she remembers stuff better."

Well Miss Nielsen, I'm glad you are Alyssa's teacher. She adores you and you have obviously taught her a lot. Our Old educated brains will sit back and let you do the work.

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