Tuesday, April 21, 2009

11 months

Oh! little sweet bottom. You brighten up our days just like those colorful flowers. It's hard to believe that in just one more month you will be a year old. Just because you are as brilliant as a flower, doesn't mean you have to grow like one. let's take a look at this last month.

Adventures in Food:

* I am bound and determined to get you to finish our last can of Formula. I think it is great that you have managed to ween yourself from the bottle so successfully. But I really think you need that last month of balanced nutrition. So please! suck back that nasty stuff for one more month.

* when I have my back turned, you are a master at sneaking any food that might be near you. I even grabbed some photo evidence of this last week. I have to hand it to you. You are a quick little monkey. I hope you enjoyed that pizza, you won't be having it again for a while.

* Pancakes and fruit are still among your favorite things to eat. Unfortunately, no one else in our family likes pancakes. I am learning to make smaller portions.

Personality moments:

*You love to play on the Piano. But you are very bossy with your space. You don't like to share the keyboard. If someone else tries to play at the same time as you, you usually swipe their hands away and grunt. This makes it rather difficult for Alyssa to practice piano.

* YA, and DA DA are your favorite words. If we ask you a question, you usually say Ya! regardless of what the question is. Da da is used a lot, not because you are asking for dad but because you have associated that word with being angry. When ever you are upset you burst out in long angry phrases of da da da da da da. I blame Chet for pestering you so much. Sure that's what dads do, but I think we have hit an extreme when da da now means frustration.

* Sharing is a fun and interesting concept. You love to share your food. Unfortunately, it is usually the food that has already been in your mouth. Not very appetizing, but it's nice of you to try.

* Games of cat and mouse bring out the best giggles and facial expressions. Your favorite place to play is around the coffee table. We will chase you around in circles and you hold on to the edge of that coffee table and walk as fast as you can. Very Funny! We also love to chase you up the stairs. I am amazed at how quickly those little arms and legs can move.

* Our little snuggle bug. You like to wedge up as closely as you can when taking a nap with dad. Daddy has learned not to move in his sleep. We also enjoy frequent hugs and nose nuzzles.

Favorite songs:

* Tiny Turtle
* Leo the Lion
* If your happy and you know it

Basic Measurements:

weight- 22 pounds
height- unknown
We do know that I bought a bunch of summer outfits on sale and decided on the 18 month size. Unfortunately they are all now too small and it's not even summer yet . You're a monster and that's why we love ya!

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The Hadley Family said...

No way is he almost a year!? Where does the time go? Lucky for Camden his mom likes to blog about his milestones. Priceless treasures to remember when he's grown.