Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tulip festival

Each Year, the small community of Woodburn holds a tulip festival. The town comes alive with brilliant colors and fantastic views. The local outlet mall experiences a massive influx of patrons. City folk take the time to hit the Walmart ( since it is the closest one available ) and stalk up on cheap diapers, baby wipes, and summer clothes for the kids. For a small moment we all get the chance to feel like expert gardeners and small town hicks. In essence, it is a day without cell phones, television, neighbourhood children banging on my door, or sibling squabbles. AND WE LOVE IT!

Horsey ride anyone?

The fam, just chillin!

Future farmers of America Poster!

Taking in the view

I can't tell which is more gorgeous, the girl or the flowers?

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Krista said...

Absolutely beautiful, very jealous.