Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swim Lessons

It is the time of year to get the kids ready for pool time and splashing happiness. Peyton has been terrified of water for several years now. When I told him that we were heading to the pool that day and he would be having a swim lesson, he broke out in tears. He cried for a good 20 min. As the day progressed, he slowly warmed up to the idea. It started with:

" maybe they will only stay in the shallow end mom."

Then progressed to:

" I bet they will play some games."

and finally ended with:

" I think I am going to have fun"

And indeed he did!
Peyton trying to look confident and putting on a brave face.

His first taste of floating on his back.

At the end of each class they have to jump into the deeper end of the pool. His first day was a bit intimidating.

Alyssa of course was a pro. She loves to swim and could hardly stand to wait for her class to begin. Unfortunately all of the other pics i took turned out way too dark. Sorry Lys!
Since these pics were taken, the kids have had 4 weeks of lessons. Peyton has made enormous strides. He loves to put his head under the water. At the end of class, he jump unassisted into the deep end and doggie paddles to the edge. He adores putting on a life vest and practising his free style and back stroke abilities.
Alyssa is an under water swimmer. She prefers paddling down deep and breast stroking her way through the deep of the pool. But lessons sake, she has swiftly conquered the back stroke and free style and looks forward to taking on the water slide on her own on Wednesday.

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Krista said...

Way to go, Peyton! It's hard to overcome fears like that.