Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There was a cute boy who lived in a shoe, let's make that several shoes.

Is it wrong that my baby has so many pairs of shoes?

I mean look at them. So small, cute and stylish. Buying children's shoes is addicting. Camden certainly doesn't require a matching pair of shoes for every outfit. But why Not?
Wouldn't you want to ensure the safety of tiny little feet, especially tiny little feet that belong to a face like this.

We're down to 8 pairs ( unfortunately, my favorite pair was recently out grown)
  • 3 pairs of Nike runners ( 1 high top, 1 cross trainer, and 1 reg run)
  • 2 pairs of sandles ( 1 casual and 1 sport waterproof)
  • 1 pair brown casual wear
  • 1 pair of black skater VANS
  • 1 pair of KEDS, Joes Brand

I would love to say that I'm done, but I'm actually currently looking for a nice pair of black Sunday shoes. If you see any, let me know!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Cell Phone Debate

This entry is for you Claudia in case you decide to visit our page again. It was great to here from you by the way. We miss you guys.

I ended my last entry with the query, "Time for a cell phone? maybe "
I think this deserves a little clarification. You see, I have been a non-cell phone user my entire life. I don't own one and have had no desire to own one. I'm with ya Claudia, let's get back to the good old days where people actually spoke to each other face to face.
Chet has a cell phone that he brings to work with him. He bought it when I was prego this last time in case I went into labor during the day ( has yet to happen that way). We never use the thing. But in the past two weeks, I have had the school try and contact me three times while I was away from the home. And away for the entire day I might add. So dilemma! do I finally buckle down and succumb to the wireless world, or remain a naive, electronically challenged mother of three, who hopes to be home when a school emergency occurs.
I have no intention of giving my children cell phones until well into their teen years ( If then), and Chet needs his since it is the only way to contact him in case of an emergency ( you can only call in to his supervisor, and she works minimal hours).
I have lasted this long and survived just fine. Oh well, What is a stubborn , red head to do!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is not the face you want to see ,when you pick your child up from school. ,

M- " Oh sweet heart, did you have a bad day"
A - " No! look what I'm wearing."
M - "Those aren't your pants."
A - " I know, they made me put them on."

I'll spare you the rest of the conversation, because her future words were uttered out of anger and do not need to be repeated. Apparently while I was out enjoying a shopping day with Camden, the school tried to call me. Alyssa had slid into a mud puddle at morning recess and was completely covered in goo

She required a change of clothes and they had called to ask me to bring some for her. They waited for a while, but when I never showed up or returned the call, they went rummaging through the lost and found and pulled out a pair of boys, black and red warm-ups for her to wear back to class. She was not happy!
Time for a cell phone? maybe

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now that the flu has finished its run through the house, I finally have some time to post a few pics about Halloween. They are ghoulishly late, but still should make you cackle with joy.
Camden discovered Lollipops this year. For a full two hours you would not see him without one in his mouth. I think Batman deserves a treat every once and a while.

Peyton and fellow Optimus Prime Buddy Kaeden, transformed and rolled out that night together. They hit the streets to protect the human race against Decepticons and snag some candy along the way.

Super Girl Alyssa hooked up with hippie chick Ashley to do some damage at the ward Trunk or Treat. An odd Super team no doubt, but while Ashley spread all the peace and love Alyssa swooped in to steal the candy.

A few shots of our "super" cute family

If you are wondering about Gator man, wonder no longer. He is in fact the most intriguing of the super heroes. Defender of the spread offence and creator of extended play, this super hero can sway any score to his advantage and ensure the success of the Florida gators.