Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is not the face you want to see ,when you pick your child up from school. ,

M- " Oh sweet heart, did you have a bad day"
A - " No! look what I'm wearing."
M - "Those aren't your pants."
A - " I know, they made me put them on."

I'll spare you the rest of the conversation, because her future words were uttered out of anger and do not need to be repeated. Apparently while I was out enjoying a shopping day with Camden, the school tried to call me. Alyssa had slid into a mud puddle at morning recess and was completely covered in goo

She required a change of clothes and they had called to ask me to bring some for her. They waited for a while, but when I never showed up or returned the call, they went rummaging through the lost and found and pulled out a pair of boys, black and red warm-ups for her to wear back to class. She was not happy!
Time for a cell phone? maybe


Krista said...

lol, you always make me laugh. Poor Alyssa!
Rhiannon did this earlier this year - but her pants were A LOT less muddy. Being the priss she is though, the nurse actually CALLED ME and asked me to bring up a pair of pants.
Seriously. If they were encrusted like Alyssa's were, I could totally understand it. However, there was a SPLATTER.
Buck up, buttercup.

Kirsten said...

That's funny! Her expression is priceless! She's getting so big! Ya, girl, it's time for a cell phone! :)

Steve said...

Guess it's better to be covered in goo than something that rhymes with goo!

Carroll Conversations said...

Oh how that face says it all. I've so been there Alyssa. My mom eventually just kept a spare change of clothes for me in my backpack because somehow I was notorious for finding mud puddles at recess. It wasn't intentional, it just seemed like I was a magnet for them.

mama said...

No No --- No cell phone --- go back to the olden days when there weren't such things. She lived through whatever happened and she'll remember that day longer than if she'd had a cell phone to call you. Some day she'll laugh about it.
Am I old fashioned --- YES --- I think cell phones have become a curse for our young people.

mama said...

Me again --- what a cute family you have --- glad to be able to track you down now on your blog --- now that Steve has his own --- I was able to find you.

Love to the Bui's
"Momma Nye"