Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now that the flu has finished its run through the house, I finally have some time to post a few pics about Halloween. They are ghoulishly late, but still should make you cackle with joy.
Camden discovered Lollipops this year. For a full two hours you would not see him without one in his mouth. I think Batman deserves a treat every once and a while.

Peyton and fellow Optimus Prime Buddy Kaeden, transformed and rolled out that night together. They hit the streets to protect the human race against Decepticons and snag some candy along the way.

Super Girl Alyssa hooked up with hippie chick Ashley to do some damage at the ward Trunk or Treat. An odd Super team no doubt, but while Ashley spread all the peace and love Alyssa swooped in to steal the candy.

A few shots of our "super" cute family

If you are wondering about Gator man, wonder no longer. He is in fact the most intriguing of the super heroes. Defender of the spread offence and creator of extended play, this super hero can sway any score to his advantage and ensure the success of the Florida gators.


Carroll Conversations said...

Very cute Nancy, and might I say what a great Elastigirl (sp?) you make! I still think the whole family should be The Incredibles next year. Keep trying! Super heroes are great too, especially mini-batmans!

EmHy said...

What a "Super" Cute family! Love the Halloween costumes.

Sally and Brian said...

You are still alive. I was wondering if you went private and didn't tell me. What a fun halloween!

Dawn Walterscheid said...

I was starting to worry about you. You had not posted in a long time. It looks like you had a very fun Halloween.