Tuesday, April 7, 2009

summer cuts

At the first taste of summer, it's time to buzz off those long locks and let their scalps breath. Wads of thick black hair is like dirt at my house. There is far to much of it and it gets everywhere.

Peyton insisted on stripping down to his underwear for his hair cut. We thought it appropriate to at least wrap a towel around his waste.

I absolutely despise cutting Chet's hair. It is sooo wirey that it actually gives you slivers. So my sweet apprentice has begun to take over the job. She's getting pretty good.

Here, she's thinking about how to style it. Technically she could do something really funky and Chet would never know, nor could he do anything about it.

Yes we are proud of you sweet pea.


Krista said...

lol... I love how YOU don't want to get slivers, so you have your beloved daughter do it.

Not that I'm complaining. I'd probably do the same.

The Hadley Family said...

Your "family adventures" always get me laughing. Peyton is a hoot.

Kirsten said...

When Paul and I first got married he made me learn how to cut hair from his mom. He has never had his hair cut anywhere else but from me. And...I'll tell you what! I've gotten countless "hair slivers" from him! They hurt! Now, I cut Daniel, Tates, and soon, Lincoln's!