Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello Sunshine! We're so glad you have decided to join us this weekend. Your streams of warm and bright vibrant colors have been sorely missed. We love the way the deck warms up to create a tanning bed, and instant kid play zone. I hear you will be sticking around for a few more days before showering down moisture for our thirsty plants. We shall enjoy your company. Feel free to poke your head through the windows, or lay out on my carpet, You are always welcome at my house.

Alyssa, taking advantage of the rays and a sturdy deck.

If you ever wondered what Chet's mom looked like, you are witnessing a perfect side profile.

Peyton sat out on the deck all day. You can do that when you have an imagination like his.

Alright, a place to crawl and walk OUTSIDE!

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