Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whose afraid of the Big Bad BIKE ?

When A strapping young boy is born, you asume that one day he will become an incredible athlete. Or at the very least, a curious and always brave adventurer. We are never quite prepared when a scardey cat emerges. Our sweet " big brother" Peyton (he gets mad if we call him little), bless his heart is afraid of everything. Dogs, cats, water, fireworks, the dark, loud airplanes, and even the wind are off limits. But until last week there was one contraptions that would not be touched; his bike!

Peyton's bike was the source of much anxiety. Riding it meant you not only had to balance but go fast. two things he had no desire to do. It sat in our garage with it's floresent green wheels and bright blue frame as a monument of things never to be. We decided that Camden would one day enjoy this bike as a vintage 2007 Hot Wheels BMX in pristine condition. However, the power of pack mentality came into play last week. Three adorable girls living in our culdusac all learned to ride their two wheelers within days of each other. They are Peyton's friends and he could not be left out. He wanted to learn how to ride his two wheeler too gosh darnit, and demanded that his training wheels be taken off. He took to the asphault with iron determination. An army of transformers could not of swayed him from his goal. And just like that, on the very first try, my son soared down the street with no help at all. One fear has been conquered, and I'm sure many more will follow. But for now we will revel in the heroics of Super Speedster Peyton. master of all two wheelers and champion of Hudgik Court.


mom2girls said...

Hi Nancy..so good to see pics of your family & new baby! :) We miss you guys..this sounds so familiar, Sofie is "afraid" of her 2 wheeler too..although we know she could do it if she tried! I need to start a blog too..lord knows I take enough pictures! :O) Colleen

Kirsten said...

It'll be so fun to stay in touch this way! Our blog is paulandkirstenfamily.blogspot.com Check it out! You may even know a few people who I have links for on mine.


The Rugryder said...

Hi, Nancy. Great Idea this blog. I am so far away from this technology.I love the new pics of Camden. The family picture at the Leth Stake Centre looks great.Peyton keep up the good work on that bike you already look like a pro. Hi Alyssa, I hope your enjoying school this year. Study hard and learn lots as it will come in very handy in the future. I love you all. Hey I forgot to ask how the sink turned out.

Krista said...

I feel you on expectations and surprises. I have the GIRLIE-EST girl I have ever met.
Good job on conquering the two wheeler, Peyton!