Friday, September 26, 2008

Transformer fest

It seem like all we do lately is write about Peyton, But it just so happened that his birthday was spread out through the week. Peyton still does not have the best sense of time. Two days prior to his birthday, we reminded him that his birthday was in two days. To this he questioned, "Is that close mom?" Imagine his surprise, when he woke up Tuesday morning to discover it was in fact his birthday. That day was a simple one; Lunch with mom and dad, opening gifts quickly before heading off to soccer, hitting the drive thru window at Panda Express on the way home and off to bed.

Now Friday is when the festivities really began. It was time for the kid party. Transformer themed of course. Let me just remind you that we are in no way band wagoners when it comes to transformers. Peyton has been a transformer addict since he was two. Chet purchased the original 1980's cartoon series on DVD, and the two of them quickly bonded over laser guns, energon cubes and Megatrons mischievous ways. That was 4 years ago and Peyton has thought of nothing since. We have only recently been blessed with the resurgence of toys thanks to last years release of the movie. Anyway the party was a hit. Peyton and his three pest pals shot nerf darts at decepticon faces, dodged lasers on the trampoline, went on a quest to find the allspark, and ultimately gorged themselves on cake and pizza. It is official. Peyton is no longer a little boy he is quickly heading toward the tween stage. Lucky for us he has kept his cheerful demeanor and charitable heart, two things we gives thanks for everyday!

our four autobot protectors

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