Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Nothing Day

Peyton has been frequenting his own little phrase lately. I first noticed two weeks ago once Thursday rolled around. He woke up at his usual 6:00 am perkiness and asked " Mom, is it a nothing day." To which I responded "Sorry bud we have to go to school today." He didn't seem upset about that prospect, he just simply needed to know what kind of day it would be.

Monday through Friday are school days. Sunday is a Church day. Saturdays are no longer Saturdays. They are now nothing days. I find this to be humorous. My children in fact do more work on a Saturday then they do any other day of the week. They not only have their regular room maintenance, but also have to clean their bathroom and strip their beds for laundry. Maybe Peyton doesn't realize how hard he works doing "nothing."

Imagine his surprise today, when he woke up on a Tuesday (Veterans Day ) and discovered he had been given an extra "Nothing Day." He was thrilled as he sorted his laundry, and helped empty the dishwasher. He sang his months of the year song as he helped organize the computer room in preparation for a play date this afternoon. The least I could do was provide a little "nothing" for him to do on this very special extra "Nothing day."

If only every day were a "nothing day" we sure would get a lot accomplished.


Krista said...

Man ... I want nothing to do with your nothingness! My kids didn't have today off, I think our school board are Nazi's.

Heather said...

I want a Nothing Day!
I think I'll get a shirt printed. =)

Yay for Peyton's inventiveness!

Rachel said...

What a great idea for a children's book... I sure like the term and I think we will adopt it too- you know for the one day a quarter that we actually do nothing. Really, I have to admit my favorite "nothing" days of the year follow on the weekends of General Conference when I can wear cozy's all day long!!!