Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What once was old, is new again

I am not ashamed to admit that we left the majority of our life from Rexburg Idaho still boxed up, and sitting on shelves in our garage. We have lived here for 4 years now, but have not felt the need to unpack everything. Occasionally, I will make the comment "Didn't we used to have
a ________." Well, yesterday Alyssa discovered some old photos in a box. Several of the pics displayed towers of colorful foam blocks. "I remember those" she said. "I loved, climbing and building with them." So the hunt was on. I knew we had kept them. Three scrapes, a crushed toe, and a bruised shin later they were found. The kids spent the next three hours building all sorts of creations. Together they decided that Camden needed some new play space, and set to work to make him some. The end result; simple but functional. Thank you my little architects.

Alyssa is all about order and control. Her creation! A play pen, where Camden can be contained and still have fun.

Camden loved being surrounded by all that color and chewable material.

Peyton is a free spirit. It was fitting that he opted to design a rolling mat, where Camden could roll to his hearts content without being bumped about on the hardwood floor.

What once was old, is new again
the circle continues forever
For just when you think that you've forgot
someone else surely remembers.

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Blondee and Lane said...

Love all your pictures. I am so proud of Alyssa and Payton. Great Job guys. I am not surprised you are doing so well in school.