Saturday, November 8, 2008


My camera is broken! It could be that I carry it around in the diaper bag (which occasionally gets wet), or that it has been dropped on the floor several hundred times. Maybe it didn't like being stuffed in Alyssa's purse, or accidentally wedged between the rice cooker and the stereo. But whatever its reasons, my camera has rebelled and decided to go black.
Quite literally! Every time you try to take a picture, all you get is black. Now I don't claim to be a fantastic photographer. In fact, I know I am pretty terrible. But I was determined to have some evidence of my children's life here on this earth, and was making a valiant effort to photo their existence.
I am now plagued with missed opportunities. Moments of their lives that are not documented. So today we have an opportunity to use our imaginations. Here is a running tally of the events that occurred this week, which had my camera been working, would of provided some lovely candid shots.
(1) Peyton forgetting it was a school day, and trying to get in the van still wearing his pajamas
(2) Spending the entire afternoon playing every children's game in our closet
(3) Alyssa teaching Camden how to play piano
(4) Camden trying to figure out how to hold himself up with his arms and keep his bottom in the air at the same time. For now he does them individually and it looks like a cat stretching.
(5) Alyssa's participation in the Activity day girls Talent Show at Rosewood Retirement Community. She sang and danced with friends, played the recorder, and jumped rope as Little Red Riding Hood in a skit.
(6) Peyton getting pooped on by a seagull as it flew over head.
(7) Camden sneezing sweet potatoes out of his nose.
(8) And Finally! Chet successfully getting all three car seats into his new car, so he would have an excuse to drive it more. Family trips baby!
I guess this next week will find me biting the bullet and buying a new camera. Rose and BJ you're going to have to come with me to talk me into spending money.


Krista said...

Just remember, you're not just taking pictures, you're capturing memories. So a quality camera isn't just "nice" it's essential. How are you going to feel in 50 years if your photos are bad quality because you refused to spend that extra 50 or 100 $$'s? There are some things you need to go the extra mile for, cameras are one of them.
In my humble opinion.

Sharp family said...

Of course I have never met "Krista"! But she seems very smart! I totaly agree!!! GO FOR IT! Treat yourself to a great camera this week and then tell us all about it!

Dawn Walterscheid said...

I agree with everyone you need a good camera. So think of it as a game how good of a deal can you find. With the holidays coming and the economy in the toilet, I am sure you can find an amazing deal. Just do your homework and shop around you will be surprised to what you can find. good luck and happy hunting.