Friday, November 28, 2008

Bye, Bye, baby teeth

It finally happened. I knew the time would come when Peyton's adorable smile would contain holes. At approximately 8:00 this evening our brave boy stood quietly while I wrapped a Kleenex around that soon to be momentous milestone and gave it a gentle tug. I have to say that we were thoroughly impressed. Considering Peyton's long list of feared things, we naturally thought this would be one experience to add to that list. We were happily wrong. He had no problem. I said to him," Peyton, I'm afraid that tooth is so loose you're going to swallow it in your sleep. Would it be okay if we just pulled it out tonight." His response, a simple "okay".

Here is his first little pearly white. Maybe we should say pearly cream. I don't think he brushed his teeth today. Sorry mom and Auntie Amanda, (our family dental hygienists) it won't happen again.

Peyton decided that he would rather keep his first tooth, but he of course still wants the money from the Tooth Fairy. His solution, write a letter to the Tooth Fairy stating his demands. I'm sure she'll understand :)

Tooth and letter went safely into an old film canister and sat patiently on his bed waiting to be crushed by a pillow and very excited little head.

Peyton is snugly tucked into bed as we speak, dreaming about what he is going to do with all of that in coming money.


Dawn Walterscheid said...

That is just so cute Amber does the same thing she loves to write the toothfairy. But sometimes the toothfairy will write back and tell the child that they need to brush there teeth better. Austin is the only one who has gotten a letter like that.

Krista said...

The nurse at Rhiannon's school gave her a big tooth with a lid on it when she lost her first tooth - all teeth have gone in there ever since. It's WAY easier to find that under her pillow, I'm assuming ;)