Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alyssa's achievements have been very similar. She received the Terrific Tiger award at the last assembly. Her picture is now on display in the hall, with the other children who received awards.

She was published in the 3rd grade news letter for writing a number problem.

Her desk was chalk full of "Paw"sitive awards. She was able to turn in 25 of them to receive a "Golden Paw" award, which will be hung up in the hall at school.

Hers was one of only 8 maps to be chosen from the 3rd grade , to dress the walls of the school. The kids had to draw a map showing their walking route to school.

We are so proud of our kids and the many things they accomplish at school. Thank You Peyton and Alyssa for being such hard workers and always doing your best.

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