Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr Sandman, bring me some dreams

Anyone who is a mom knows that a schedule means everything. I live and breath by a schedule.
  • 7:00 am wake up the kids
  • 7:30 am scripture study and prayer
  • 7:40am take kids to school
  • 8:00 am start morning house work
  • 9:30 am put Camden down for a nap
  • 10:57 am meet Peyton at the bus stop
  • 11:30 am make lunch
  • 12:30 run any additional errands
  • 2:00 pm drive to school to pick up Alyssa
  • 2:15 pm Camden's afternoon nap
  • 3:00 pm homework
  • 6:00 pm start supper
  • 7:30 pm showers and teeth
  • 8:00 pm read books
  • 8:30 pm put kids to bed

There is of course days where the schedule is askew or altered. Particularly on Sundays when naps time are really a mess due to 1:00 pm church. I like nap times, they are when I get things done. But Camden went completely bizzaro on me yesterday. He didn't really sleep at church ( I don't blame him ), in fact he never took a nap until 5:30 pm. I figured he would go down for about an hour and a half, only logical right? WRONG ! that child slept until 11:30 pm. Now any one who knows me, knows that I am neither a morning person nor a night person. I Like my sleep. I go to bed early and if I can, wake up late. This put a slight glitch in my REM cycle. Chet had for the first time in 4 years gone to bed at a decent hour and was not budging. It was up to me to provide quality time for my little monkey.

There is something spooky about being awake for several hours in the wee morning light. The Fridge sounded like there was a microphone underneath it. The stove fan would jostle in the wind and I swear I heard someone play a few keys on the piano. I am a freak. This is why I sleep. My imagination always gets the better of me. It is best if it rest through the night and provides sweet dreams.

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