Monday, November 17, 2008

Camden 6 months

Another Month has flown by. Our little monkey man is now six months old and stirring up laughter wherever he goes. We have hit some real milestones this last month. So Camden, here is a low down of your 6th month of life in our crazy household.

Physical Strengths
  • Sitting up is a breeze. However, you have an unrelenting infatuation with your toes. This causes you to frequently remain in a hunched over position even though you can sit up straight perfectly well.
  • You love to stand and jump in my lap. Your favorite game is trying to grab mommy's glasses while you stand and balance with one hand.
  • I think you are the sit up king. I ought to enter you in a competition. Your stomach muscles never fail to amaze me. you can go from lying flat to sitting up with no help from your arms. Incredible!
  • You are slowly becoming more comfortable laying on your belly. Today at clogging you stayed there looking around for a full hour. Hurray Camden! But more often then not, you don't stay there long, and will quickly roll to your back to stare aimlessly into the air. You must have the ceiling stucco memorized by now. Photo evidence below.

There is no doubt that you are a BUI BOY. You will eat anything. Grandma Bui used to tell me that your dad would open his mouth for anything, even if he was full to the brim. I am afraid son that you have inherited this trait. One of your funnier moments was when you were eating squash. It was obvious that you weren't fond of the taste. You would screw up your face and shiver every time you swallowed, but that didn't stop you from opening your mouth wide every time I came forward with the spoon.

  • Foods you love: carrots, pears, peaches, bananas, oatmeal
  • Foods you eat but are unsure of: squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes
Book Favorites
Moo Baa La La La
Peekaboo Shapes
Song Favorites
If your happy and you know it
Tiny Turtle
The wheels on the bus
  • You have made a new language out of raspberry blowing. Complete with fluctuation and question like endings.
  • You are amused by simple things, much to our pleasure. The more we can hear that raspy giggle the better.
  • When you get angry you scrunch your nose up then roar like a bear cub. Followed by waving arms and gritting gums. Temper? perhaps! but for now it is just plain cute.
  • You have a weakness for soft white blankets. You have two of them and cuddle them frequently.
Growth Chart
  • Weight: 17 pounds 5 ounces
  • Height: 27 inches
  • Teeth: none, but they sure as heck have been bothering you. I feel like we have a new puppy around here with all the chewing going on.
We love ya Cam! whatever would we do without our little bugaboo.
Side Note: Thanks to an extremely charitable and kind friend I have a camera to borrow until I can buy my own. Thanks Heather! you made these 6 month pics possible.


Krista said...

I really wish I had a blog while my babies were ... babies. I love how you are doing this for Camden.

Rachel said...

I have a friend who does this each month and she takes pictures in the same chair with signage. It is pretty cute and I've wanted to copy her for some time so remember that when I do the same thing...

Wow, he was content at clogginf for a whole hour on his tummy! I am impressed. And sitting up from back to upright without help or the use of arms. He must have great abbs and maybe he will be a physical trainer!

He looks so much like Alyssa. I think you should dress him in one of her old outfits for me. No I'm not really sick but I see Maisey everytime I look at Ryley and I've thought about doing that.

Kari said...

Wow, six months already?! Where does the time go? What a fun post.

Kirsten said...

I wish we could see him! He's so cute!