Saturday, October 16, 2010

Footloose, Footloose, kick off your dancing shoes

Every year, several times a year, the local high schools put on dance clinics. Alyssa loves to shake her booty for a day and hang out with friends. BONUS! the kids get to perform the dance they learned at the varsity foot ball game that night.
We like to hit up the Westview High clinic. They do better dances, serve better food, and give out cuter T-shirts.
Alyssa favorite part, getting dolled up for the performance.
It's hard to see, but our little dance diva is standing up and dancing the 3rd from the left.

Alyssa is blessed to have friends that not only do the clinics with her. But she also has friends who come later just to watch the performance and be supportive. Aren't they the sweetest grouping of gorgeous girls?

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