Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nancy needs...

A lot of my friends have been tagging me this past week, with all sorts of fun games and info lists. many have been kept logged into the facebook world, but Annetta tagged me with one that ended up being so true that I had to share it here.

The trick is to type "Nancy needs" into google search ( of course use your own name) and then write down the first ten responses that appear. I have to admit that I had no idea I needed so many things. And apparently I am a Diva. This is what my google search came up with.

Nancy needs... to learn what the moon is ( I better register for school right away)

Nancy needs... Jail Time ( let's hope this never comes to pass )

Nancy needs... her own personal Boeing 757 kept on standby with 16 dedicated Air Force personnel to cater to her every whim. ( wow! let's do it baby )

Nancy needs... Prayer ( so true, so true)

Nancy needs... A vacation ( don't we all )

Nancy needs... to ask Palin's advise on cleaning ( Now obviously they are referring to Sarah Palin, but the funny thing is, Palin is actually my maiden name, so I guess I'll just ask my mom)

Nancy! ( how did they know, mental, physical, emotional, I need it all )

Nancy needs... a new job ( actually I could do without this one, staying at home with the kids is just fine by me.)

Nancy needs... professional profile on LinkedIn ( sure why not)

Nancy needs... to be punished on Yahoo ( wait a minute, that's not necessary, I don't even know who you are ).

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Dawn Walterscheid said...

So I did Dawn needs and I need a lot too. Things that I never even knew that I needed. lol The one thing that I do need wasn't on there and thats a NAP!