Monday, February 2, 2009

Horror house

Now that Camden is a crawling maniac. It has become disturbingly apparent that my house is not baby proof. We have had older kids wandering around here for years and have forgotten what it was like to have a crawler.

Camden can find the tiniest dot of lint on an otherwise spotless floor. No cord, cupboard, drawer or closet is off limits. My house is an accident waiting to happen.

Cupboards that don't close all the way, and open very easily

A rats nest of cords lingering in the computer room. We have never had an actual desk. We have always used an old kitchen table. It doesn't hide much.

perilous, sharp, and heavy exercise equipment, out in the open.

This would be why Alyssa and Peyton created a baby fort of sorts. They made a baby safe zone in the computer room.

Now their rousing rounds of board games can go undisturbed

Or so they thought, until Camden figured out how to escape from his fort

So much for that idea.
But seriously, it is time to do some major baby proofing. Organizing a home is a never ending job. I certainly don't want to wait until the child is choking, falling, poisoned, electrocuted, or broken to make a change around this place.


Krista said...

lol... what a smart mom! not waiting till an accident to fix problems. Who woulda thought?

runningfan said...

I can so relate! Have fun. And expect to baby-proof on a new level when Camden dearest can climb on chairs, couches, and tables... :)

EmHy said...

I love that the kids are trying to keep him out of their game, so they build him a fort. I just got caught up on your blog and man your kids make Saturday's work sound like a treat. Maybe we'll have to change from calling them chores to habits too. Count your blessings!