Thursday, January 29, 2009

The sweet tooth generation

Peyton- Mom , who are these chocolates for?

Nancy (mom) - They're for the family.

Peyton- Can I have one?

Nancy- Sure, take one and then put it away. I'm going to have a quick shower. You just stay in my room and watch T.V.

Peyton - Okay!

( 8 min later, Nancy done showering, clothed and refreshed)

Peyton- Mom, can I have another chocolate?

Nancy - Did you only have the one before?


Nancy - Peyton, how many did you have?

(Silence continues)

Nancy - Two? Three?

Peyton- I'm not telling

(Nancy opens the chocolate box and takes a look)

Nancy- You ate the entire first layer!
Peyton- Oh! There's another layer. Can I see? ( looks underneath and eyes begin to sparkle ) Mom can I have another chocolate?


Kirsten said...

That's funny! Peyton sounds just like me! He's my kind of boy!

Krista said...

Even when I ASK Rhiannon if she wants a chocolate she says no.
I think she's broken.

Heather said...

Nancy you made my day. That's so funny I'm still laughing!

There's only one thing for it - we'll have to get you one of those chocolate fondue fountains and let him cover apple and banana slices to his heart's content.

Dawn Walterscheid said...

Ok that is so funny! My kids are the same way I think that they have a special ability that they can sense were to find the chocolate in our house. They can even find it when it is all wrapped up, and in my closet on the top shelf!

Carroll Conversations said...

This made me laugh right out loud. I can just see his eyes light up in realization of another layer! Too funny!

Kim said...

That is so funny! I love the story. That will keep me smiling for several days!

Sally said...

Reading this just made my night! I needed a good laugh and I got several. Just think, if he knew about the bottom layer that would of been gone too! I'm guessing you made him brush his teeth extra long that night. Thanks for sharing this story with the rest of us.

Jasmine said...

That is WAY too funny! From the mouths of babes....