Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to Gator Nation

We are the Champions! yes, the Gators won the National Championship last night with a rousing victory over Oklahoma.

It was a push and shove match all through the first half. Both Defences appeared sloppy and disorganized, resulting in a 7 -7 tie at half time. Chet would disagree, stating "No, they showed good defence , Oklahoma got into the red twice and were stopped both times by Florida." A true fan is always bias.

However the second half showed Florida's strengths, and amplifies Oklahoma's weaknesses. Tim Tebow, known for his leadership abilities rallied his team together to score again in the 3rd. It wasn't until the 4th quarter that Oklahoma was able to match the score, tying the game at 14 -14. The Gators then had to settled for a field goal bringing the score to 17 -14. The turnaround of the entire game, and the dominance of Florida shone through a mere 4 plays after this field goal when strong safety Ahmad Black, snatched a deep pass out of the hands of Sooners wideout Juaquin Iglesias at the Gators' 24. This frazzled Sooner Quarterback Sam Bradford, his second interception toss of the game, and he never recovered.

Florida clinched their victory with 3:07 to play, from the Oklahoma 3-yard-line, Tebow took the snap, started as if he would crash through the left side of the line, then leaped and flipped a pass to David Nelson. Florida now ruled the game by more then 7 points, and would remain there with a final score of 24 -14.

It was a dooser. Moments of strain crossed my face, anxious churning of the stomach, and deafening screams damaged the ears. But all is worth it for the happiness of my number one fan, Gator in heart and soul, my Husband.

This is what the number one fan looks like after staying up all night celebrating.

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Kirsten said...

Ya, not surpisingly Paul was rooting for Oklahoma since Florida is a rival of FSU. Yea for Chet!