Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The power of SILENCE is seriously underestimated. I hadn't realized how loud my house had become in the last three weeks. Kids were home running around, playing the computer, blaring the TV, turning up the radio, and pounding on the piano. New toys were humming around on the floor, Nintendo DS's were singing out their music, and children regularly made up new games that required yelling, leaping,ball smacking, and whistles.

It is amazing how easily we adjust ourselves to the noise. As a mom, I am an expert at tuning out anything unimportant and continuing with my work. However, there could be a plane crashing into my neighbors house, and I could still hear Camden waking up from his nap.

And so this week began and I heard something I hadn't heard in a while. SILENCE!!! Oh bless you SILENCE. I have missed your warm blanket of comfort, the way you whisper nothing into my ear, and your ever soothing and relaxing monotony. The kids are back at school, a regular nap schedule has resumed, and you SILENCE, my dear friend, have returned.


Heather said...

Sounds wonderful!
Or... doesn't. ;-)

I think nap time is the world's greatest invention.

Kirsten said...

Seriously, I didn't realize it either until it happened at our house too! With Macie and Daniel back in school, Tate, Lincoln and I hang out, in a quiet house! What bliss!