Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday habits

I have found myself sounding and thinking more like my mother every day. It was inevitable, and I truly don't mind. She is an extraordinary women. Many things I was taught as a child, have proven to be extremely beneficial in my adult life. One of which is Saturday Chores. I choose to call them "Saturday Habits", they are not a chore, they are positive habits which will be used for a life time.

Now let's not get delusional. Many Saturdays rolled by where I complained, moped and stomped my way through the "habits". And there were too many Saturdays to count where I simply didn't help at all (Sorry Mom). But I have surprisingly fond memories of sticking my hand into an old hat or bowl and pulling out the paper slips which contained my "habits" for the day .

Now that my children are older and require some responsibility,this tradition has continued in my own little family. We don't draw our "Saturday Habits" from a bowl, but we do have a standard list that each child must complete.
  • pick up and put away anything that was left on the floor in your room
  • strip your bed
  • put on new sheets
  • clean your bathroom

Alyssa and Peyton, I have been extremely impressed with the way you complete your "habits". They are always done before 10:30 am. Little or no complaining is heard. And you always come give me a hug when you are finished. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work.

That fitted sheet is always the trickiest.

rub a dub dub

Pull just a little bit harder!

scrubbidy do

Nice job getting all those bubbles off.


runningfan said...

Ah, you're so good to make the kids help with bathrooms. We've had too many cleaning supply disasters and whiny freak-outs to make me want to persist with the tradition!

Heather said...

Good for you, Nancy!
I'm amazed at the number of family who give their children no responsibilities at all.
We had seven kids and it surely helped the chores (yeah, I still call them chores) go much faster.

I always liked cleaning the bathtub the best. I'd lay down a thick layer of scrubbing powder (usually blue and by Clorox!) and get it just wet enough to be able to write and draw in it. Mom would finally have to call and ask me what was taking so long.

Yes, the death of many brain cells likely could be attributed to my bathtub cleaning, but what the heck! You only live once! :D

Krista said...

Habits ... hahahahhaaa ... I guess that's a nice spin on it, honey.