Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 1st with a first

January 1st is more then just a date in our family, it brings with it another first. Camden cut his first tooth today. He has been miserable the poor thing. Making teeth is rough business. After soaking through two shirts with ounces of slobber, it was time to investigate. I carefully prepared my pointer finger to enter the unknown, and upon gently swiping the lower gums, I was shocked to find sharp bumps hitting my Finger tip. Thankfully we are fully stocked with Tylenol, Ora gel, cold cloths, and chew toys. Ever the individual, Camden has separated himself once again from his siblings. He is only 7 months, and getting his 1st tooth. They were both 10 months. I hope this doesn't mean that he will have worse teeth then them. No Cavities yet in our family. Let's all knock on wood together, shall we!
The classic gnawing on your lower lip to ease the pain look.

Camden getting very annoyed with me after trying to get a picture of the inside of his mouth, unsuccessfully I might add.


Heather said...

Ah shoot. Cutting teeth is never fun. Let's hope it doesn't put a big dent in his "happy baby" routine. He's so dang good at it!

When I was an infant they still used paregoric. Mom would rub it on the baby's gums and presto - instant relief!
For those of you too young to remember, paregoric was a opium deriviate drug. Yes, I was a very happy baby.

Sally and Brian said...

I love that you tried to get a picture of the inside of his mouth. You are a true blogger!! Happy New Year!