Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peyton's Prayer

Mornings with school children always seem to move at a frantic pace. It's fun to watch the kids busying about their daily schedule.
They pick their clothes, have showers, brush teeth, choose a breakfast, pick a morning snack for school, fill backpacks and search for shoes. But there is one moment of time during the morning where chaos halts and calm ensues.
Right before jumping in the van and heading off to school, we gather together for morning family prayer.
Today Peyton was asked to pray. I was impressed by his thoughtfulness. It was obvious that he had been paying attention to the activities the day before and offered a touching prayer to start our day. From the mouth of my sweet babe came these words.
" Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for our family. Please bless Alyssa that she can make good choices today. Help her to stay with good friends. Help us to have a good day at school. Bless daddy to do good at work. Please help mom finish her house work and teach Camden. Help Camden learn to crawl better. Thank you for a car so we don't have to walk today. Bless that we be helpful. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."


runningfan said...

Paydays like that make the hard days worth it!

Krista said...

isn't it awesome when they learn to thoughtfully give a prayer? So sweet.

Heather said...

That's lovely!
I knew he was a special guy, and he keeps proving it, day after day.

Pat yourself on the back!
You and Chet win the Great Parents Award!