Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9 months

I'm starting to slack in my duties. Here it is Feb 25th, 4 days past your actual 9 month mark, and I am now just posting your updates. Hmmm! I wonder if it is because you have been a grumpy little monkey because you are sick, and won't let me do anything around the house. Yep! I bet that's it. Don't worry. I won't hold it against you. I would however like to make it through one day without being slimed by boogers, sneezes, coughs, and anything else that makes its way back up into your mouth. Maybe tomorrow!

Despite feeling miserable this last week, you have become the most fun little man. Laughing ,giggling, jabbering, and bringing an abundance of joy to your family. You even let me snap this picture of you in between cough spasms, and managed to pull out a smile.

Physical strengths:

  • You now charge like a bullet when crawling. It is fun to watch you pull that head down and with utter determination take off across the room. You do happen to be very quick, which means, I end up swiping your mouth to pull out whatever item it was that perked your interest for the charge in the first place.

  • You will wave hello and goodbye. It takes some prompting, but you're very proud upon accomplishing the task.

  • You now enjoy clapping. We will yell random hollers of Hooray! just to see you do it.

  • Because of your increasing leg and arm strength, you get yourself into the most precarious situations. You pull yourself up on everything. I have found you stuck under our island stools, screaming for help having made it half way up the staircase, wondering how to get down from the bowflex, trapped in the closet after figuring out how to slide open and shut the doors, and performing an amazing balancing act with one foot on the edge of the laundry basket and two hands holding firmly to the corner of the TV Stand ( your empty bottle was on top, I presume that's what you were headed for).

  • But by far your most favorite things to do with this new mobility is help me unload the dishwasher. or at least that's how I look at it. Why else you would want to stand in a dishwasher and pull out bowls. ( Photo evidence below )

Step1: begin to crawl onto the open door of the dishwasher

Step 2: look all innocent and cute so mom doesn't ask you to get off

Step 3: Pull yourself up using the top rack and begin to unload.

The unloading doesn't stop with the dishwasher. An equally favorite adventure is to pull open the dresser draws and unload their contents. No wonder I always feel like I'm folding laundry.

Favorite Foods:

  • You have become less dependent upon store bought baby food. In fact you quite prefer having small bits of whatever we are eating as a family. Rice, peas, corn,baked potato and carrots top the list.

  • You also enjoy any kind of self dissolving cracker, but the Keebler saltines makes your taste buds dance the most.

  • We have introduced some cheese and yogurt to your diet. Cottage cheese was a huge hit.

  • Yesterday we discovered you are very fond of pancakes.

Favorite Books:

  • Moo Baa La La La- has been the chart topper for 8 weeks now

  • My first sight words and ABC's took a close second

Favorite songs:

  • lately you have taken a shine to the primary songs. "Families can be together forever", and "I lived in heaven", lull you right to sleep.

  • The wheels on the bus - has made a come back, because now you are trying to do the actions.

Basic measurements:

  • length: not sure, we haven't measured
  • Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz, you have actually lost weight, it must be all that crawling around


Kirsten said...

He is such a cute baby!

Paul will be in Portland tomorrow through Sunday. He'll be at the state wrestling tournament, if ya wanna happen so stop by! :)

♥The Three Bears♥ said...

He is so adorable! It is nice to hear all about him too.

jamie t. said...

He is so dang cute! I love the pictures on the dish washer. I've seen many pictures like that on people's blogs latley and they've all been boys. Hmmmm, funny that I don't remember my girls doing that. Maybe its a little boy thing. Hope he gets feeling better soon. I've been fighting a cold too. I think some thing is going around. :(