Thursday, March 12, 2009

Todays favorites

I have spent far too much time lately grumbling like a troll under a bridge. Sick kids be darned, sleepless nights - bring it on, dirty house- just let it be; it's time to roll out the positive.

My parents were here this past weekend, and I am still kicking myself for not taking pictures. But pictures or not we had a fabulous time. Mom and I laughed and cried ourselves through the production of WICKED. Just as good the second time around, in fact better, because I had mom to enjoy it with. Dad fixed up the house nicely, and Chet Cleaned the Sunday dishes all by himself without being asked. Thanks sweety, you rock!

And Today as I reflect on the week thus far, I have found many things to be grateful for. Here are some of my favorites of the week.

Peyton having a sudden desire to take pictures. I may actually get chronicled as part of the family now, even if my eyes are closed.

The sunshine beaming in the patio window of my bedroom. I have found the kids laying out like cats, stretching in the sun. Camden will stand forever watching the trees sway in the back yard.

Comfy slippers. I have several pairs, These are my favorites of the week. I am never without a pair of slipper on my feet in the house.

Scriptures for Latter-day Saint Families. Our morning Scripture Study has been truly enriched by the wisdom found in these books.

Walking into my daughters room and finding a Canadian flag proudly displayed on her night stand. For all the mocking of CAN-A- DUH, there is some heritage pride blooming in her.

The sweet sound of piano music flowing through the house. Since Alyssa has begun piano lessons again, you can find her tinkering throughout the day perfecting the craft.

The fruit storage unit in my fridge. Silly I know, but I love that I can wash the grapes, place them in the unit and they stay fresh and crisp for weeks. Yummy!

The return of Pad Thai at Costco. We love Pad Thai, and making it from scratch is a pain and far too much work . This Brand appears off and on at Costco and is fantastic. It has made a return and we have stocked up.

And finally, the new favorite sleeping arrangement. The blow up mattress has remained filled since mom and dad have left. The kids can't get enough of this fancy pillow top mattress. Alyssa and Peyton have shared the bed for three nights in a row and slept quite peacefully. Eventually it will have to be put away, but for now, it is something they enjoy together and that doesn't happen often.

I'm sure next week will bring all new favorites, but we will enjoy these for now and look forward to what the following days bring.

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