Friday, March 13, 2009

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Babyhood

It's time for dinner. The aroma of Pad Thai fills the room as the family sits down for a fulfilling meal. Camden is eyeing the noodles with anticipation. Unfortunately, they contain peanuts and he is not yet at the stage where he can eat peanut related products. I scoop him up and bring him to the cupboard to pick out his less tasteful but healthy meal.

Mom- Camden, what would you like to eat?

Camden- ne ne ne ne uh uh

Mom- would you like some green beans?

Camden- *sigh*

Mom- How about crackers and peaches?

Camden - ( silence )

Mom- Oh, did you want noodles?

Camden- Ya Ya

Mom- But you can't have those noodles

Camden- ( gives me a pouty face )

Mom- You want noodles?

Camden- Ya Ya

Mom- how about I make you these noodles instead ?( showing him plain macaroni noodles)

Camden- ( thinking it over, touching the bag)

Mom- Should we make you these noodles?

Camden- ( practically whispering, less enthused, but positive) Ya Ya

All's well but ends well, I guess


Krista said...

ya ya

Dawn Walterscheid said...

Aiden is the same way. He always wants what the other kids are eating. I really don't blame him have you tasted baby food? gag!