Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fumbles and blunders

Brain Power! What is that exactly? I don't think my brain has functioned properly for several years now. And although it can be annoying as I double book events on the same day, forget to show up for visiting teaching, and misplace my keys 4 times in one day; it can make for some quirky, unintentionally rude and often funny conversation. Here is a sampling of one such conversation

Chet and I were enjoying some alone time while the kids were taking a nap or outside playing ( I'm sure you can figure out which kids were doing what). Chet headed into the kitchen to grab a snack and decided to wash his hands. But he can never just wash his hands, he always also splashes water in his faces and runs his wet hands threw his hair. I, in slight frustration but also curiosity exclaim:

" Why are you always wetting yourself, you make such a mess. You wet yourself all the time."

Chet starts to giggle

" What is so funny. I don't think it's funny to stand there and wet yourself, and now I'm going to have to clean it up."

Chet- "Do you hear yourself"

" Of course, I always hear myself when I have this conversation with you. If you are going to wet yourself, at least do it in the bathroom, not in the kitchen, where I have to clean it up before I can cook. You wet yourself like 5 times a day in here."

Chet-" You know if some one heard us talking right now, it wouldn't sound very good."

I stop to think about what could possibly sound bad. And then it hits me. Wetting yourself could take on a whole new meaning if you weren't actually watching someone spray water on their face. Frustration was soon replaced by roaring laughter, and humble apology


Jasmine said...

Nancy, you crack me up! I love reading your blog! Hope your sweet family is well!

Kirsten said...

Seriously, when I need a good laugh, all I need to do is read your blog! You crack me up!

Mommy on the move said...

Oh, my gosh, that is funny.