Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Favorites

My good, good friend Rose and I went for a walk this morning to take in the beautiful Fall colors. Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. Everything looks brilliant and majestic. Along the way we passed my favorite tree. We pass this tree everyday on the way to taking the kids to school. I love it because it turns every imaginable color. All of this looking at fall colors had me thinking about all the other things I enjoy about the season.

Thick, soft, and comfy blankets. I love being able to pull out those heavy linens and pile them high on my bed.

Hot Chocolate. This is one of the few ways I actually enjoy chocolate. It feels so smooth as it trickles down your throat. Yum!

Pumpkin pie. The sheer texture of grainy pumpkin, so mush like and slimy should turn you off. But it tastes so darn good you forget all about the texture.

Sweaters! I love me my sweaters. I love to rap myself up in a sea of thick and sometimes itchy browns, greens, and burnt oranges.

Yummy Stew! I could eat a different kind of stew everyday and be perfectly happy. At least I'm getting my vegetables.

Persimmons! They are this fabulous fruit. Many people say it is an acquired taste. They are kind of a mix between a pumpkin and a peach. Very fallish, and I love them.


mom2girls said...

HI Nancy..wanted to drop in & say hi..I like reading your blog & seeing the kiddos. Fall is MY favorite time of year..even over Christmas. Tell Rose I said "HI"..miss you guys...Colleen

Sharp family said...

I totally agree!! I love fall although I can't say that I can pick a favorite season! I love your favorites as well but I am wondering what in the world about only liking chocolate in hot chocolate form!? What! Happy Fall!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you reminded me. =) Have to run out and get one, right away.