Monday, October 13, 2008

Wedded Bliss

We had the great honor of attending a beautiful wedding on Sunday. Our sweet neighbors ( They really are more like family, we lovingly call them Mama Seichen and Professor) invited us to attend their Daughter Hannah's wedding. They held the wedding at this gorgeous yet quaint Bed and Breakfast. It is Called Portland's White house, I'm sure you can see why. The original owner thought a lot of himself and decided to build his own, smaller scaled replica of the White House. I think we can safely say he was the President of his family. It has now been turned into a Bed and Breakfast, and has hosted many sweet little weddings.

Hannah has always been a simple, kind hearted, and multi talented girl. She looked beautiful in this Grecian cream dress with blue sash. Her smile says it all. She has definitely found the right man. Doesn't professor look dashing in his dark blue suit?

During the Luncheon all of our little monkeys fell asleep. We took this snap shot not only because it is sweet, but to show the size difference between the Seichen's and the Bui's. The Seichen's are a tall strapping family. The Bui's are cute and petite. They do say opposites attract.

One smart gentlemen came equipped with his own toy. He created a bike with a front cradle fully loaded with pillows and knickknacks. The kids had a great time taking turns riding around the block.

The day was gorgeous and the mood calm. We found this experience to be a great opportunity to discuss with the kids the difference between what we witnessed this day and a temple marriage. Alyssa kept asking us " So they will not be married anymore after they die?" We were able to remind her of the importance of eternal unions and the joy we feel because daddy and I are married for time and all eternity. You could see that knowledge fully registering for the first time.

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