Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical, 3rd Grade Style

She has caught the dancing bug. That's right! Alyssa boogied her way through a Saturday morning learning a new dance for a football half time show. She and her good friend Ashley, participated in a dance clinic, put on by the local High school dance team. Alyssa loved every minute of it.

There is nothing Alyssa loves more then flouncing around on a dance floor, wiggling her hips and waving her finger. The song they danced to was appropriately titled "Tell me something I don't know", which seems to be a constant phrase used in our home as of late. Because 8 year old girls do know everything, and they are absolutely never wrong.

This coming Thursday, the kids get to perform their dance at the Century High School football game half time show. We have hit the big time now. What fun to see such joy race across Alyssa's face as she completed the dance and had the praise of 15 high school girls. It was definitely worth the 25 bucks. Each girl had their picture taken with the Century dance team, and received a T-shirt honoring the event. I'm sure the shirt will be worn for many weeks to come.


Krista said...

lol... those pictures are priceless. Forget the $25 sometimes, the joy outweighs the empty wallet ;)

QnA Drapers said...

Hey Chet and Nancy! Im so glad you guys found us- we have had fun peeking in on your blog and checking in on you! What a cute family you have!!

Dawn Walterscheid said...

She looks like she is having a ton of fun. It is the best feeling in the world to see your child's face light up with pure joy. And I will take you up on that spa day any time.