Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mmmmm Food! / 5 Months

Do you think this boy is almost ready for starter foods?
Camden you are 5 months old now and here are some of the things we have been noticing about you lately:
* You will reach for anything that smells good. Even if you have just eaten and are full to the brim, you will strain every muscle in your body to try and get the food that someone else is eating.
*You hate to be on your belly and will scream until we help you turn over. You have turned over on your own twice now, but you were not happy about it.
* You love to laugh. Any moving object is absolutely hilarious. You have also discovered that laughing makes people notice you, and you will give a giggle just to make someone look in your direction.
* You are extremely ticklish. Under your chin, on your sides, the ends of your feet, it doesn't seem to matter where, all of them make you squirm and laugh.
* You love to sit up and stand up. In fact we have a feeling you may skip the crawling stage all together.
* Your favorites books are :
The going to bed book - by Sandra Boynton
Babies Counting 1 2 3
Clifford's noisy Day
*You love it when we sing:
Five little monkey's swinging in a tree
I have a Tiny Turtle
Rubber Ducky
*You love to play with your:
Multi colored chain link rings
Plush, shaking lion
We sure love you Camden. You have brought new life, hope and joy into our family. We can't wait to see what the next five months brings.

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Krista said...

Baby giggles absolutely do me in.