Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grrrrrrr, tweet,Roar

This week was parent / teacher conferences, NO SCHOOL, so we thought it would be a good time to make use of our zoo pass. Wednesday ended up being a perfect day to go. It was bright and sunny but a brisk 59 degrees. So we bundled up and went for a nice stroll around the Oregon Zoo. All the animals were out in full force. Seeing as we were one of the few families taking advantage of the day, the kids loved being able to walk around and have the exhibits to themselves.
Camden all snugly and warm
The kids always stand and observe the geyser for at least 5 min

Alyssa on a make shift swing, while waiting for Peyton to finish looking at the geyser.

rrrribit! anything is a playground at the zoo

Wow! A life size "beary". Peyton recently read a book about a Polar Bear that climbs into a little girls bedroom window and snuggles with her to keep her warm. I think he wishes this bear would do the same. His "beary" ( a plush polar bear he adores ) has been hibernating in moms closet for several months now.


Krista said...

You're a comfy stealer? I am so distressed. I never recovered from my comfy disappearing. I hold it against my parents to this day.
That look on Camden's face says, "Ooooo, it's COLD!"

Kirsten said...

Your kids are so big! I still can't believe that Peyton is so old! Alyssa is a mini woman! Hopefully next summer we can come visit. I'm not going anywhere right now until this baby is born. Then it'll be in the middle of winter so we won't travel much. Say hi to Chet for us!

Heather said...

I need to hang around with you guys. It looks like you had a blast! (No geyser pun intended).
Camden is such a sweetie. He looks like a little fall pumpkin.