Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nancy's Angels

Meet the new defenders of appropriate television programming. Peyton received these Nerf guns for his birthday last month, and they have become the center of a fun family game. When watching television the kids look out for anything annoying or wrong. They then pause the T.V and shoot Nerf darts at whatever was disturbing them. For instance, Chet was watching football on Saturday. During one of the key interviews an annoying cheerleader kept popping her head up. The kids paused the T.V and filled fer face full of Nerf darts.

I do realize that this may seem disturbing to some people. But I ask you this. Would you rather have your children shooting foam darts at a screen or short range at each other?

Chet and I have also gotten in on the act. It is surprisingly fun to take aim and shoot to your hearts content. Plus a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.


Krista said...

this is a FABULOUS idea! My kids also have a nerf gun ... however, Brogan cannot figure out the trigger for the life of him.

Sharp family said...

Great idea! I just might use that myself! Oprah is really not a favorite these days! :)